EGX Chemical

Universal Use Antifreeze Product




EGX Chemical provides antifreeze solutions to the automotive and heavy duty machinery industry. Using only quality materials EGX has created a universal use antifreeze product that is hassle free, high quality and lower priced than its multinational competitors.


Innovating a product that everyone already uses is never easy. But this is exactly what the sibling duo Chris and Doug Rios did when they stumbled on the opportunity to purchase an antifreeze facility out of Jacksonville and move it to Gainesville in 2017.

These entrepreneurs developed a universal antifreeze solution named EGX Global Gold. Their product solved an issue that repair facilities have had for years and made the coolant industry a hassle free system.


Being the only virgin antifreeze manufacturers in the state of Florida allowed them to tap into a multi billion dollar industry by offering previous products at better prices without compromising quality and with a superior one of a kind delivery method. With an ever ending client list, EGX saves consumers over 90% of their previous cost which makes for their proven success.

Their organization and business model has been replicated and shown to be a  proven concept throughout the state of Florida and in just 3 years they have been able to takeover the market in Gainesville, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville and Georgia. These siblings from El Salvador are disrupting the antifreeze industry by providing a superior USA made product for drastically less than traditional antifreeze alternatives.


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