OUR VISION: To be a UK EPC contractor and manufacturer, internationally recognised in the Energy industry.

OUR MISSION: We are passionate in what we do. Our high performing team leverage our knowledge and expertise in delivering solutions to the most complex projetcs in collaboration with our customers.

Efinor is a privately owned business specialised in metal work from design to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. We developped as a project oriented business delivering special and bespoke components and systems for highly regulated industries including nuclear and defense.
From metal structures to integration of mechanical systems, we are able to address the full life cycle of projects and are working as Tier 1 or Tier 2 for large customer organisations incl. EDF, EDF Energy, Bouygues, BYLOR, Framatome, ORANO, Naval Group, Babcock, etc.

Starting in 2017 with 2 people working to develop the activities of EFINOR Limited, within less than 4 years we are employing more than 50 colleagues in Bristol and the South West of England delivering innovative projects as part of the ambitious UK energy program targeting net zero Carbon target by 2050. We are now opening a manufacturing & technology center near Bristol, in order to support the UK nuclear program. Our diverse team is driven to work internationally with up to 8 languages spoken.

Since its inception, Efinor has always considered innovation as a key enabler of its business success. Innovating in delivering the most appropriate solutions to our customer but also innovating in the way we are delivering these solutions, for example in partnering and collaborating with other companies, is part of who we are.

Innovation is critical for businesses to thrive. It engrains critical thinking in our day to day activities and allows differentiating ourselve from others. It also provides the business with a culture and a state of mind of agility and adaptation which are critical capabilities in our world today where technologies evolved fast.

Choosing Bristol to locate Efinor Ltd Head Quarter in UK was a straight forward decision as it allowed us to get close by our main customer EDF Energy subsidiary NNB and our leading projects location on Hinkley Point C site. Since the start we benefitted from this great location and from the dynamic drive of the South West region.

With a tremendous growth in the last 4 years, Efinor have never been short of finding strong candidates to join the business in the various capacities required. The team is a mix of experienced colleagues and younger professionals. We also found a strong business community being able to support our development as well as leading academics from local universities in Bristol and Bath.

With its infrastructures, the region allows efficient travelling options nationally and internationally.

We strongly believe that all these characteristics will make the South West
a leading area in the development of UK future energy plan.


  • Focussing on Hinkley Point C delivery with our current contracts and
    further packages of work being tendered;
  • Developing our site team and our manufacturing capabilities to deliver
    work and support the broader NNB team as per our experience in
    similar nuclear new build project;
  • Being involved on preparing next nuclear project in Sizewell C and continuing support to NNB, CGN and Edf Energy in UK;
  • Getting involved in the decommissioning market in UK and internationally, incl. waste management for NDA estate (Dounreay, Sellafield, Magnox, etc.) and the future decommissioning of EDF Energy commercial fleet;


+44 1173 021 208
Floor 6A, Whitefriars, Lewins Mead,
Bristol, BS1 2NT

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