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An end to end solution for our worlds largest problems

EcoTech Visions, established in 2015, is a smart manufacturing lab for smart cities with an on-demand marketplace.  We have built this model through organic growth to launch and scale circular economy start-ups to use innovation as the means to meet Paris Agreement goals of climate neutrality by 2050.

With our business to business white-label SAAS framework, we will leapfrog the supply chain. ETV is an end to end solution for our worlds largest problems. Think of us as a cross between a WeWork and Amway focused on high tech innovation within 4 verticals: Farmtech, GreenTech, EnergyTech, Space/Health tech.

We accomplish this by providing access to leading laboratory and manufacturing facilities to those willing and ready to tackle climate change– focused on the future of food, the consumer product market, and energy applications using: tech processes; IOT; Blockchain; AI; AR/VR; and, battery innovation.


  1. FarmTech: Food produced via Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, and Blue  Tech  as well as innovative recipes for large-scale use in zero waste and zero GHG emission communities
  2. GreenTech: “Trash to Treasure” for mass distribution using biopolymers, upcycling, material science innovation, pigments, and Blue  Tech  for consumer products and the necessities of modern life
  3. EnergyTech: Renewable energy generated for a microelectromechanical system or for transmission to user via a resilient microgrid with a focus on battery innovation, solar, biomass, hydraulic, nuclear, and Blue  Tech  for large-scale use in zero waste and zero GHG emissions communities
  4. SpaceTech: Technologies necessary for terraforming with a focus on building materials, conservation innovation, communications tech, and Blue Tech

EcoTech Vision

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