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INNOVATE™ Lesotho is joining the international INNOVATE® family!

INNOVATE™ Lesotho is a celebration of the innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in the country. This inaugural edition of INNOVATE™ Lesotho showcases the thought leaders and innovators who are making a positive impact in the region, reinforcing Lesotho’s reputation as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

INNOVATE™ Lesotho is more than just a book – it’s a 200+ page premium coffee-table book, an e-book, and an online platform all rolled into one. The book features the top home-grown innovators and innovation enablers in Lesotho, and the online platform serves as a network connecting these innovators with a common goal of success. And, in true innovative spirit, the book is embedded with augmented reality video, bringing it to life in your hands much like Harry Potter’s newspaper. INNOVATE™ Lesotho represents the convergence of offline and online platforms, enabling the region’s top innovators to connect and thrive.

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