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ECI Technology has built the foundation of wet chemistry process controls – in semiconductor labs and fabs – helping clients to precisely manage chemical conditioning and supply in processing environments – qualifying incoming wet chemistry, managing process control of plating bath solutions and wet processes, and monitors and optimizes process solutions for reuse – all critical enablers in advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

Particular chemicals supplied to semiconductor processing tools depend on the processes being performed on wafers in the tools.

ECI Technology’s in-line analyzers monitor semiconductor processes include etching, cleaning, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and wet deposition (e.g., copper electroless, electroplating, and other chemical bath deposition techniques).

In all wet processes, accurate mixing of reagents at desired ratios is particularly important because variations in concentration of the chemicals detrimentally affect process performance.

For example, failure to maintain specifi ed concentrations of chemicals for an etch process can introduce uncertainty in etch rates and, hence, is a source of process variation and production defects.

Fostering Precision-Control Chemistry Innovation

ECI Technology, a privately held company headquartered in Totowa, NJ, was founded in 1987 developed chemical process laboratory equipment to help the early American chip manufactures scale to production.

Its first-of-its kind wet-chemistry control equipment enabled microchips to work faster and at smaller geometries.

Fast forward to today, ECI is the leading global supplier of proprietary chemical process control equipment with patented technology enabling advancements in semiconductor, advanced Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), printed circuit board (PCB), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and light emitting diode (LED) industries as well as electronics R&D labs developing next-generation technologies.

ECI is driving chemical metrology innovations, empowering customers with improved control and monitoring of their wet process manufacturing.

ECI’s award-winning culture, led by CEO Marianna Rabinovitch, encourages individual thinking, idea collaboration and the constant drive to achieve the company’s goals.

ECI maintains its global presence with four international offices strategically located in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and representatives in China, Europe, Singapore, and Israel to support its equipment and development activities across more than 15 countries.

ECI has exclusive service and distributor representation serving the electronics industries and deploys a full spectrum of mechanical, electrical, and process engineers in service, technical support and maintenance. ECI Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Enabling Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Manufacturing
Transforming How the World Connects, Computes and Communicates

Built on decades of innovative research and critical IP, ECI works with semiconductor manufacturers, process tool manufacturers (OEMs) and material suppliers to provide optimized control solutions for new and established processes.

The analyzers interface seamlessly with process tools to monitor chemical concentrations and automatically control replenishment systems.

The speed and accuracy of ECI’s measurements permit precise control of bath composition to ensure void-free plating.

Today, as the rate of development in Packaging and PCB processing matches the break-neck pace notoriously maintained by the semiconductor industry, ECI leverages its deep expertise and adaptability to help its back-end customers tighten process windows and maximize yields as they strive to meet the fast-changing demands of their industry.

Growing NJ’s High Technology Sector

As the world’s breakthrough technologies expand, ECI Technology is committed to grow high-tech research and development, engineering and manufacturing in New Jersey.

Headquartered in the heart of New Jersey’s Research Corridor we are expanding our broad analytical expertise aimed to help pharmaceutical and biomedical companies integrate quality measurements in line with wet process condition-monitoring to accurately control product quality and connecting those measurements to closed-loop control.

ECI Technology’s process control capabilities have helped customers reach their scalability benchmarks and have won numerous awards for their achievements.

Most notably, the company has won the New Jersey Technology Council’s prestigious Electronics Company of The Year Award.

Over the past years, ECI Technology was twice awarded the prestigious Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in New Jersey and Fast 500 in North America.

It’s interesting to note, that ECI Technology succeeded to achieve an impressive increase in revenue and profitability solely based on its organic growth.

In June of 2005, ECI Technology CEO, Marianna Rabinovitch was awarded the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

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