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Earthwise Sorbents is comprised of entrepreneurs, scientists, and surfers sharing a passion for a more sustainable planet and clean ocean.

It is estimated that approximately 706 million gallons of oil enter the ocean every year. Oil enters surface waters via many sources: accidental spills or leaks, careless disposal or storage of oil and oil products, atmospheric deposition, and stormwater runoff from cities and farms.

Oil pollution can directly and indirectly damage human health and property in affected areas and can also have devastating environmental effects to aquatic and coastal habitats, fish, wildlife, and birds.

Exposure to oil can fatally smother organisms or can reduce their survival through physical, physiological, and reproductive impacts. Over many decades, oil waste decomposes from exposure to sunlight and microorganisms.

But until the oil has fully decomposed, its toxic environmental legacy persists. As a result, preventing the introduction and spread of oil to the environment and containing and removing spills as quickly as possible is of utmost importance.

The techniques used by spill responders to clean up oil spills depend on the characteristics of the oil and the type of environment involved.

Measures that are applied to limit pollution associated with oil spills include containment (with booms, skirts, or socks) followed by removal of the oil (by skimming, filtering, absorption [soaking up] or adsorption [sticking to]), dispersing it into smaller droplets to limit immediate surficial and wildlife damage, biodegradation (either natural or assisted), and natural weathering.

Sorbents are commonly used for oil and chemical spill cleanup and come in a variety of forms; powders, pads, pillows, booms, etc.

Most sorbents currently available are made from virgin polyurethane (foam) and polypropylene (fabric) materials.Many natural or alternative sorbent products are clay and natural-fiber based.

These natural products frequently lack durability or absorb water in addition to oil and chemicals, reducing their usefulness and effectiveness.

Earthwise Sorbents, a San Diego, California–based company, has developed an array of highly effective, sustainable sorbent products, made from recycled and repurposed foam and fabric materials.

Earthwise Sorbents repurposes polyurethane wastes from surfboards (see Arctic Foam) into high performance sorbent pillows and recycles plastic and polypropylene wastes from other large vendors into melt-blown pads, open-net and sock booms, and sweeps.

Earthwise products are oleophilic (absorb oil) and hydrophobic (repel water) and contain 30 to 100% recycled content.

Third-party testing, completed by spill response experts at Findlay University, demonstrated that Earthwise Sorbent products exhibited equivalent or superior performance compared to standard oil spill cleanup products.


Every year, billions of gallons of oil and chemicals are spilled into the environment. There are too many inefficient practices and products currently being deployed.


Earthwise has developed sustainable polyurethane foam, manufactured using algae oil in place
of petrochemicals. We repurpose waste from our surfboards into sorbents. In addition, we create sorbents from recycled polypropylene plastics.

Our sorbent products, when properly implemented, facilitate the removal of up to 10x their own weight in oil and chemicals from the environment.


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