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Dynamik Focus was Founded in October 2016 By Aziza Brown. After varying experiences with previous esports teams, and seeing a need for representation and structure in the growing esports space, she partnered with former teammate Devin Harris, and Dynamik Focus was born. Soon after the organization was founded, Dynamik Focus added its first few members to the #birdsquad, and began competing in fighting game tournaments.

Over the years, the “focus” of Dynamik Focus has shifted to place more importance on Content Creation, building a lifestyle brand, and building a platform to show millions of people of african and latino descent that there is a space for them to thrive in this industry. The #birdsquad does all of this in addition to continuing to compete in gaming tournaments at a very high level: we help foster world class talent and encourage them to hone their talent on and off the sticks so that they can build a future for themselves in the industry they love even after they can’t play any more.

Since late 2017, Dynamik Focus has partnered with Akquire Clothing to help produce our clothing for our esports team, and in 2020 we are looking to expand our line from just esports-centric clothing, to a full on lifestyle offering so that fans can rep our brand in comfort and style. This will be achieved through the launch of seasonal capsules highlighting the designs of east coast based artists based off of our mascots, logo, and word mark.


  • Saiyne got 7th place in Soul Calibur 6 at EVO 2019
  • Grr twitch partnership, featured on twitch rivals, and multiple appearances on the twitch.tv front page
  • Multiple appearances on the twitch.tv front page for Cresta starr
  • Aziza has been on multiple panels talking about diversity in the gaming space
  • We launched an ad campaign on our social channels for our Akquire gear
  • Expansion of content creation services and team
  • Stream production services for Li Retro convention in 2018 Saiyne got 2nd place at the Soul Calibur 6 world championships LCQ in 2019
  • Rome_Himself will be a commentator for SNK would tour for 2020 season
  • Uchi became a brand ambassador and commentator for power rangers battle for the grid
  • Uchi hosts a regional tournament series “Catch me inside” for the southern NJ and Philadelphia area
  • SakiSakura is the producer of the Queen of the Hill Series, an event to celebrate the women and non binary competitors of the esports community. We are the creators of the apparel to the series.
  • SakiSakura has been featured on the Playstation Network for the Women of the FGC
  • Queen of the Hill is probably the first Fighting esports tournament
    supported by Urban Decay, a cosmetics company.
  • Uchi was a commentator for the season finale for the Battle for the
    Grid League
  • Rome_Himself has done a series of online tournaments called Regime Royale. These are coop tournaments for the SNK titles.
  • Aziza Brown (NNZ) and George Foulkes Jr. (Grr) did interviews in the Netflix Documentary, “Not A Game.”


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