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We foster the development, growth and engagement of volunteer-driven user groups that provide communities for like-minded technology users and partners to exchange knowledge on how to best maximize product performance to achieve business success.

“Dynamic Communities creates vibrant communities where users can grow their knowledge, competency, and confidence with their technology systems and business applications,” said Rob Schwartz, CEO, Dynamic Communities.

“Our focus is on growing the communities to reach additional technology users as the value of the community continues to expand as each new member brings unique knowledge to the table.”


The value members find in these communities is based on the foundation of excellence that began in 2004, when a small group of CIOs discovered great value in sharing knowledge and experience with each other about their ongoing system and business strategies. Over the last 15 years, Dynamic Communities has established many user communities and brought their community best practices to other associations seeking to optimize value to their members.

Today, the Dynamic Communities Groups represent over 280,000 members worldwide, representing 68,300 companies across many industries, disciplines, and software applications. By facilitating value exchange among members and providing business and event management, Dynamic Communities enables volunteer leaders to focus entirely on cultivating rich community engagement and authentic member value.


Dynamic Communities is committed to growth and achieving this through enhance mobile experiences and by offering events worldwide. “We’re going into 2020 with a mobile-first strategy, so we can expand to new geographies and connect passionate technology users around the world,” said Schwartz.

Dynamic Communities also underwent a significant brand change this year, focusing on a new logo and brand position which removes the old product silo barriers, and brings technology users together. The new logo symbolizes the people who make up the community, and the brand narrative emphasizes the ways we are bringing people together, both in-person and online, to build strong communities.


Volunteers are the driving force of the Communities: delivering content, sharing their knowledge, and helping to shape the future direction of the community. There are over 1,500 volunteers dedicating their time and sharing their knowledge to grow the communities. Dynamic Communities founder, Andy Hafer cultivated a rich company culture of innovation and servanthood.

Employees are encouraged to drive innovation and garner learning from failures. By focusing on innovation and learning, Dynamic Communities continues to drive new ideas and experiences for the user communities.

To learn more about Dynamic Communities and to find out how to get involved, visit: www.dynamiccommunities.com/about

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