> Dubuc Motors-Focusing On Electric Powertrain Technology

Dubuc Motors has intentionally departed from the traditional automotive industry model by both exclusively focusing on electric powertrain technology and owning their vehicle sales.

In addition to designing and manufacturing their vehicles, the company intends to sell and service them through their own sales and service network. This is different from the incumbent automobile companies who typically franchise their sales and service. Dubuc Motors believes its approach will enable them to operate more cost-effectively, provide a better experience for customers and incorporate customer feedback more quickly into product development and manufacturing processes. The global car market represents $905B yearly; the company aims to penetrate the premium car market, which accounts for $135B. Targeting the urban, trendy and cosmopolitan customer seeking a luxurious & exotic vehicle. There is currently a void in the luxury segment for clean, electric supercars that outperform conventional gas-powered sport vehicles. Dubuc Motors intends to fill this gap with the introduction of the Tomahawk. The retail sale price is expected to be $150,000 with a strong focus on primary markets that include the United States, Europe, and China.

The luxury car segment represents 6% in the United-States, accounting for approximately 1 million vehicles sold and with a strong concentration coming from California, Texas, Florida and New York. This is the initial serviceable market and the closest geographically to capture, Dubuc Motors believes it can comfortably sell 1 500 units yearly with a production facility of 150 000 – 200 000 square feet.

The Tomahawk is a vehicle powered by electric motors and is also considered an IPad on wheels because of its connectivity. This battery-electric sports car uses electricity stored in the battery pack to power the electric motors and turn the wheels. When depleted, the batteries are recharged using grid electricity, either from a wall socket or a dedicated charging unit. A motor is mounted to each individual wheel allowing for an impressive amount of torque while sensors adjust each unit accordingly to the terrain for optimal control and stability.

Dubuc Motors works with partners in regards to batteries, motors, and connectivity being that these suppliers are renowned in their respective fields and have already gained market trust. As a low-volume manufacturer of automobiles, it is necessary to have a lean manufacturing model in place to scale efficiently while respecting their core business model. The company engineers in-house the components and parts and outsource the production as a means of replacing robotic needs, but also to keep a sensitive eye on quality control of their products internally while creating indirect jobs in the mix.

The Tomahawk promises comfort in a state of pure ecstasy, allowing for mindblowing accelerations going from 0-60 in two seconds and best of all, with a 400-mile range. We believe we capture a wider demographic, whether it be the car aficionado, the tree-hugger or the person just looking to have a beautiful piece of machinery on wheels; the Tomahawk offers what no hybrid or conventional sports car can.

The Tomahawk provides first and foremost value with excellent performance, range, reliability, and safety at a reasonable price tag. “We engineer emotions and strive to be the fastest car in the world.”

Dubuc Motors

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