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DSM is a cloud-computing company, guiding businesses as they migrate their data to the cloud. As Florida’s predictable cloud provider, DSM prides itself on relieving clients of their IT burden so that they can focus on their business, and not the technology that runs it. With cloud nodes across Florida, and nation-wide, DSM can meet client cloud needs nearly anywhere.


David Robinson, CEO of DSM, will tell you that the future looks like the science-fiction movies of ten to fifteen years ago with the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and bots in everyday business. He will even concede that such a clear comparison can be scary, but for David and the DSM team, this evolving IT landscape is not scary, it’s exciting. The company leverages, among other things, something that David calls “ubiquitous computing” to help clients achieve immediate access to their data, whenever they need it. To the layman, that can sound Big Brother-y, but DSM proves that the power of data can be used for good.
“The paradigm of the last forty years was to build computers and data centers, all local,” he elaborates. “But companies are rapidly migrating from those in-house computing systems to cloud-based systems that are secure, ubiquitous, and highly available. We’re helping make that journey possible for our clients.” DSM’s clients represent a healthy split between government organizations and private companies, with a wide range of sophistication in their IT departments—which is where DSM comes in. Their years of experience serve as the perfect guide to those IT teams (big or small) on their “journey into the cloud,” as David describes it.
It’s DSM’s goal to help clients not only leverage automation technology so that they can focus on their business, instead of its technological infrastructure, but also to help them achieve miruma, or peace of mind. In fact, their cloud solutions are aptly named Miruma to reinforce that idea.

“We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and pushing ourselves to be better than we were last year and the year before. Companies that don’t innovate in this way will fade out. Our customers are also innovative and constantly pushing the technology curve, driving us to stay ahead of the game through automation and technology.”

- David Robinson, CEO

David Robinson – CEO, DSM Technology Consultants DSM, and its emphasis on reinvention and ubiquitous computing is surely what draws in clients. What keeps those clients at DSM, however, is DSM’s understanding of the power of personal connection. “You have to be in a relationship with your clients,” David says. “The client has to know they can trust you, that you’re available, and that you’re staying in step with technology.”
David also says that prioritizing personal relationships in business isn’t really innovative, but in an age where even social media can lead to depression, DSM’s desire to truly understand its clients is an approach that appears to be quickly fading out. It is a reminder of the first known use of data collection: getting to know someone, and using that knowledge to help them.

DSM – Predictable Cloud

5650 Breckenridge Park Dr
Suite 201
Tampa, FL 33610

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