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This phrase, written by Philadelphia’s most famous son, Benjamin Franklin, in 1789, still resonates 230 years later. The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti understand taxation and see it as a core element to nearly every business and personal financial decision. By embracing the rules, understanding the goals, and working with experienced thought leaders who are skilled experts in tax law and accounting, we offer our clients the ability to minimize the impact of tax. We, the advisors at Drucker & Scaccetti, help Philadelphia’s businesses and affluent families preserve and grow their wealth for themselves and their posterity.

Mention accounting and the stodgy version of the boring nerd is evoked. In fact, it is not likely “innovation” is a word used to describe the accounting profession. But 29 years ago in Philadelphia, an innovative change in accounting occurred when Drucker & Scaccetti was born.
Prior to our firm’s founding, there was no professional firm that focused exclusively on offering tax consulting and compliance services for complex family-owned and entrepreneurially driven businesses and wealthy families. When we announced the forming of our firm, we were told by some of Philadelphia’s top lawyers and CPAs it could not be done, no one had done it before, no one would engage us for tax services alone. At our very core, we knew this innovation in the accounting industry was needed and would prove valuable—even if the market didn’t yet know it. Twenty-nine years later, we are in the strongest growth phase in our firm’s history.
We created Drucker & Scaccetti to fulfill what we saw then, and continue to see today, as a need for advocacy vs. independence. We see business challenges from a different lens— unfiltered by audit implications and results. We are specialists in financial planning, taxation and tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

We never settle for plain vanilla tax return preparation; we plan to take advantage of techniques or combinations of integrated planning ideas that impact clients’ businesses and personal taxes. We learn what is important to our client and become an active member of their advisory team.
The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti take a different and more holistic approach to our clients’ tax planning, preparation, and compliance needs. We view Tax As A Business Strategy® and, as a result, clients come to us for a relationship they cannot get from a digital solution. Our success comes from working eye to eye with clients. Not so much an innovation as a revelation.
This may give you a sense of who we are and what we do. But we are driven by our WHY. Over the years we could have become specialists in auditing services for large businesses. But that didn’t feed our passion. We love being a family’s trusted advisor; someone who will work with the investment, legal, insurance, or philanthropy team that uses financial and tax strategies to increase and sustain family wealth.
We build relationships by understanding and caring about our clients’ stories and going the extra mile to ensure their peace of mind.
When you need smart, business-savvy advisors, call on The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti. Our goal is to help you sustain and grow your wealth. We are different for the sake of being better.

Drucker & Scaccetti

1600 Market Street, Suite 3300
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