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Attention entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and high-performance leaders who want to get ahead! The way we’re working is not working, it’s a crisis. Burnout is costing the global economy trillions of dollars in lost productivity and innovation. Not to mention, rising health care costs.

Burnout feels like emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced self-confidence and it’s not just in your mind. Burnout changes your brain structure and function, impairing key Executive Functions that every professional depends on such as attention, memory, emotion regulation, and decision-making.

It’s time for a change. Fortunately, burnout is reversible and preventable. A new, neuroscience based, approach to work is emerging as an innovative solution to the work crisis. It’s an approach to achieving cognitive peak performance based on one principle: having your nervous system work for you, not against you. And Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach, Dr. Brent Hogarth is challenging leaders to make this possibility a reality.

Dr. Brent trains leaders and teams to take on the identity and practices of being “Corporate” or “Executive Athletes.” Their ultimate goal? Achieving the coveted ‘zone,’ or what’s scientifically known as flow-state of consciousness. Flow is those moments where we become completely absorbed into a task, often performing and feeling at our best.


In our complex and unpredictable world, it can be harder than ever for individuals and teams to be focused and fully engaged in the present moment; and yet, during times of rapid change, flow is more valuable than ever before — this is The High Flow Advantage

Professionals seek flow because it can result in heightened focus, creativity, learning and motivation; in many ways, the opposite of burnout! Research by McKinsey suggests executives may be up to 500% more productive when in flow. Now that’s innovation; that’s the High Flow Advantage!

Having your nervous system work for you, and not against you, means learning to live like a lion. When it’s time to attack, lion’s attack; and when it’s time to rest, lion’s rest. Average workers are stuck in a grey zone, they’re always somewhat ‘on,’ leading to diminishing returns in their energy, output and ultimately causing more mistakes. Coach Hogarth supports and challenges leaders to attain peak performance by intentionally structuring their workday around The Four Stages of Flow: Struggle, Release, Flow, and Active Recovery. By following the Flow Cycle, Corporate Athletes intentionally oscillate between stress and recovery, which increases their window of tolerance, allowing them to remain in their optimal performance state. Dr. Hogarth also aims to have his clients learn how to drop into flow-state on demand by deploying their unique Flow Triggers and prioritizing their high-flow activity.

But flow is not just an individual sport; it’s a team sport too!

Recent Neuroscience has shown that Team Flow is a shared brain state, known as “interpersonal synchrony,” from which optimal collaboration emerges. When colleagues use Team Flow Triggers their individual egos can merge together into their organization’s Raison D’être, allowing a team to truly become greater than the sum of their parts. While individual flow is fun, flowing together is significantly more rewarding for personal well-being, and a businesses bottom line too. In order to stay ahead of the competition and get into team flow, Brent is often supporting teams to 10X the number of experiments they run in order to continually innovate and not fall victim to the proverbial innovator’s dilemma.

In summary, Dr. Hogarth has a public challenge for all organizations who want to innovate: create high-flow workplaces.

Please visit www.BrentHogarth.com to learn how his neuroscience-based executive coaching, as well as Deep Work retreats, can help you and your team transcend the work crisis and unlock the high-flow advantage.

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