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Your drinks, our life’s work with an eco-conscious mindset
Our vision in making drinks for you. Whether it’s our own label or your private label. We work for every brand as if it were our own. Working with respect of nature’s products, makes us enthusiastic and driven to make your label talk with a farm-to-bottle philosophy.


Pure ingredients make honest drinks
To make that happen, we only work with pure ingredients. Not using artificial ingredients and additives was a conscious road to follow for our company. We try to push our vendors to present drinks by making eco-friendly choices. The fruits are cultivated partial by us and local fruit farmers.

We go the extra mile
With complete dedication and determination, we make your label talk. No labour is spared during our delicate production process. Starting by a strict selection to use high quality ingredients. A lot of the working process is therefore done by manual labour. As for the wine-making, a close monitoring is necessary up to the bottling. For the spirits we use a distillation process and run several distilling rounds to get the finest handcrafted spirits.

Growing into the future
There’s still work in progress. This means for everyone and so our company to make greener choices. We strive in our production to delivery process by making the best choices step by step.


Our wine’s tale
In 2010 Reinout Moonen worked in tunnel building as an engineer. It started with a little boy’s dream of entrepreneuring and working with nature.

As his job demanded to work away from home. He spent the evenings alone which gave him the opportunity to visualize his dream. He wanted to take a course for growing into a winemaker. Motivated, he went back to school in the evenings.

When the practical side of the course concerning working in the vineyard took a start. ‘His teacher said take your partner with you because if this passion will lay in your future, you will most likely won’t be doing this alone!’.

Our first winter pruning together had something romantic in a way we found a mutual hobby which created our future’s vision.

A few years later Annick Milis also decided to take a winegrower’s course somewhere else. It was an opportunity to gather more information seen from another point of view. So, we listened very carefully and picked up important lessons to find our own pieces of our business puzzle with a unique footprint to be made.


So, when did the distilling and making perfect spirit blends started? It was already there! In our younger years, Annick’s first drinks were cocktails. Curious about the pure taste of different kinds of spirits and liquors. As experimenting with new tastes, the idea of creating drinks with fruit, vegetables and botanicals wasn’t that far away.

Being not only a big dreamer, but deed was also added to the word. So, she makes the perfect blends of the spirits and Reinout does the distilling work.

If you can dream it, we can make it!


Combined strength through complementary knowledge
Over the years we kept learning. Some courses we took together and others alone but with the underlying thought ‘Sharing is caring’.

Teamwork makes the dream work
We strongly believe, keep on sharing, learning, having an open vision, will bring you more satisfaction in growing your business.

International awarded spirits, for EMS SPIRITS
Silver medals @ the London Spirits Competition and USA Spirits Ratings for all our gins and rums. Participating was valuable to see where we stood with our gin and rums in the world.


Growth: New spirits came
Besides making wine and gin, we want to create a gamut of honest spirits. By growing out our business, the idea of circular entrepreneurship appealed to us. E.g. distilling the grapes residue into a brandy, distilling beer for private labels before the expire date went by.

Our newest EMS-label drink is a Belgian white and flavoured rum.


Full concept entrepreneuring
We wanted to share our passion with others. We have the expertise inhouse. The experience from cultivating to the making. But also completing the full concept by creating label designs, we make your label talk! Afterwards we care to share your private label story on social media. So, in the meantime we made gin, rum, mead, genever, liqueur, beer brandy, grape brandy, whisky and cocktail recipes.

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