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With a vision to solve a broken healthcare system and save patients and doctors time, Docity, a startup company based in Orlando, FL plans to expand their business starting with the east coast.

James Cowan & Will Bewley

Docity is a connected health platform that allows doctors to communicate face to face through smartphones, tablets and computers. The idea for Docity’s innovative solution came for fast patient care came to founder James Cowan and co-founder Will Bewley when they both noticed a void in the healthcare system.

The mission of Docity is to connect health professionals to patients and to connect patients to better health.

James Cowan & Will Bewley

“I had a family member with a brain tumor and lost valuable time with them while waiting for appointments. I became frustrated and decided to build a telehealth system to connect patients from all walks of life to their health professionals,”

- James Cowan

“By the end of the year, we plan to be in over 3,000 households. We want to eliminate 30% of all in-person visits by 2030 at 30% of the cost,” said Cowan. Docity partners with communities and internet service providers to bundle telehealth access with the products and services that households already buy and use every month. Users can schedule on-demand appointments keeping control of their life, their schedule, their family. With Docity, you carry your records and appointment history with you, everywhere you go.

Docity is a committed team of innovators that is completely dedicated to improving the patient experience. We are finding new ways to connect patients with providers and delivering VIP medicine at scale. We are a veteran-owned company with offices in Orlando, FL and Chattanooga, TN.

To learn more about Docity or to become a partner please visit https://docity.com/.


6555 Sanger Rd.
Orlando, FL 32827

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