Do Company is a fully distributed remote-working organisation, created by David O’Coimin in Bristol in 2016, with the purpose of accelerating new ways of working, while empowering more sustainable, inclusive and mindful work and learning environments.

Do Co utilises product creation ( Nook pods ), thought leadership, workshops, events, retreats and editorial to drive these goals.

Based between Bristol & Amsterdam, David O’Coimin is a product and experience designer, digital nomad, social-minded founder with a passion for people, places and planet who is driven by a sense of urgency to seize and drive the change-moments to push us on.

NOOK Wellness Pods

Nook is the Bristol-made, multiaward-winning family of pods, shelters and booths, designed with introverts and people on the spectrum in mind and built for the hybrid workspaces of tomorrow.

Nook wellness pods are used globally in corporate offices, innovation  hubs, coworking spaces, education settings, healthcare applications and hospitality environments.

Nook’s powerful wellness characteristics are built on the foundations of a mindful space which manages noise, creates a feeling of intimacy and enables personal lighting control.
Easily retro-fit to an existing environment, designed for sustainability, modularity and technology integration, Nook is a long-term asset for an organisation, especially in times where space dexterity and shifting workplace demographics are front and centre.


Many places are overwhelming for people with special needs, resulting in sensory overload, anxiety, crisis and meltdown.

Sensory Nook is an encapsulating environment to positively influence mood, reducing challenging behaviour & anxiety.

The sensory elements individually can have profound effects on the symptoms of Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and Dementia.

Certified as an autism resource, Sensory Nook is a revolutionary way to make a school, workplace or event more inclusive.


Responding to the sensory overload of business events, Nook Event Pods combine wellness characteristics with branding opportunities, waste-reduction and space efficiency.

Positioned across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America, Nook event pods help the Exhibition & Conference world deliver more sustainable, healthy experiences.

Do Co uses it’s event hire services to give people opportunities to gain new experiences, partnering with organisations to match individuals with relevant events.

Local coworking partnerships provide a place to work during the day while on site.

The long term aim is to create an  ecosystem of people, partnerships and events to open doors to new opportunity and inclusivity.

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