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DistriQ, Quantum Innovation Zone, is an organization that provides expertise and infrastructure to foster the emergence and acceleration of innovation in the quantum science and technology sector. DistriQ supports the development of one of the first innovation zones of
the Quebec government, the Sherbrooke Quantum Innovation Zone. Since its designation in February 2022, the Zone has been expanding at a rapid pace and has become a powerful economic development tool whose international reach facilitates the attraction of emerging and established companies.

Richard St-Pierre, Directeur général DistriQ, Zone d’innovation quantique
[email protected]

The DistriQ team is working to create greater synergy and favourable conditions for the collaborative innovation of brains and talents within the quantum ecosystem, between knowledge, research, entrepreneurship and industry players.

The DistriQ, Quantum Innovation Zone, Team : from left to right: Mathieu Larouche, Isabelle Stébenne, Claude Goodman, Chloé Archambault, Richard St-Pierre, Martin Laforest, Gabriel Leclerc, Éric Asselin.

DistriQ relies on an ecosystem established by the world-renowned leadership in quantum research of the Université de Sherbrooke and the Institut Quantique, where high quality fundamental research is conducted for the advancement of future quantum technologies. At the heart of the Zone is the Center of Excellence in the energy sector and the integrated innovation chain that supports the transfer of technologies to industry.

Credit: Université de Sherbrooke

The Institut Quantique, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3iT) and the MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI) represent this integrated innovation chain. Several companies and organizations in the quantum sector are also located in the Zone, such as Nord Quantique, PINQ2 , PASQAL, Multiverse, 1QBit, Exaion, CMC Microsystems, to name a few.

Credit: Université de Sherbrooke

The founding partners of this Zone are the cornerstone of this collaborative ecosystem to train the talent needed for the industry and develop the living environment of the Zone: The City of Sherbrooke, the Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke Innopole, the Cégep de Sherbrooke, Productique Québec and the Centre 24-juin. DistriQ accompanies the companies and organizations of the Quantum Innovation Zone by putting in place the ingredients for the emergence of partnerships and innovation. Each company and organization within this dynamic ecosystem contribute in its own way to accelerating the development of quantum technologies.

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