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DIMO is redefining the automotive experience for drivers and developers across the broad world of mobility and auto. As an open source project and ecosystem, DIMO — Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects — brings user empowerment to the legacy auto sector. Its mission is clear: to transform the industry with an open, user-governed, and secure digital infrastructure, ensuring that technology serves all the people that use it.

DIMO envisions a world where individuals have true ownership of their data and where it becomes a tool to save time, money, or enrich the experience of owning a vehicle. In order to serve as many drivers as possible, the team behind DIMO is focused on cars past, present, and future, providing a variety of hardware and software integration methods that bridge cars onto the DIMO Network. Digital Infrastructure Inc. is the first company to embrace an open hardware ecosystem, working with two different manufacturers to make the DIMO AutoPi or DIMO Macaron. For newer connected vehicles with a native app, the DIMO Mobile app is able to integrate directly without hardware.

Connected users receive valuable insights into their vehicle’s health, usage, and most importantly, they control the way they share the data with auto service providers from a growing suite of third-party apps and partners in areas like maintenance, insurance, car sharing, and sustainability. Nothing like the DIMO platform has ever existed before — developers have never had a way to build applications where they can connect to consumers’ vehicles and receive shared data which enhances their offering and transactions.

For developers, the DIMO platform is transformative, reducing the barriers of entry by offering tools, integrations, and a pre-existing user base typically unavailable to independent or new projects. The DIMO Ignite Program, which launched in 2023, offers grants to qualified developers to further accelerate community contributions.

At its core, DIMO is an ecosystem that connects operators, developers, and manufacturers into an Internet of Things (IoT) network. This DIMO Network facilitates the sharing and utilization of vehicle data for the benefit of all stakeholders. DIMO has created a space where drivers, app creators, and service providers, among others, come together. This collaborative environment is built in a way that ensures no single company has complete control, thereby maintaining a balanced and equitable digital mobility landscape.

The power of DIMO lies in its capacity to be more than a product or a company. It is a movement towards a future where the digital and physical realms of mobility intersect seamlessly. In this future, the data generated by vehicles is not just a byproduct of mobility but a valuable asset that empowers users, fosters innovation, and drives progress.

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