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Digi International is a long-standing, yet fast-moving Internet of Things (IoT) provider in the commercial, medical, and industrial spaces, as well as the public sector.

Wherever data must move securely, wherever machines and vehicles must connect and communicate, and wherever the need to collect data and gain insights from temperatures and changing conditions is critical, Digi is there.

Angie, a virtual greeter from Digi customer PRSONAS, offers site tours.

Open conference areas at Digi headquarters invite collaboration.

We are a Minnesota-based company with offices worldwide, and with customer IoT deployments in every corner of the globe.  When you hear about the Internet of Things, you might think of a fancy refrigerator that sends you text messages when the vegetable drawer is too warm. While that is certainly one example of the millions of connected devices you will find across the IoT, it is so much more. Digi devices provide connectivity and communications for a vast range of commercial, medical, industrial, and public-sector applications today.

You will see Digi solutions integrated into such applications as:

  • Smart cities, where street lights, power, water management, city transit and traffic management are all automated for efficiency and safety.
  • Agricultural applications, where farm workers can get notified if a watering system is malfunctioning many acres away.
  • Connected factories, where automation can provide predictive maintenance notifications and reduce risk.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical applications, where temperatures must be carefully maintained and treatments delivered with precision.
  • Industrial tanks, where checking tank levels formerly required staff to drive from tank to tank, but now the tanks report their levels, and personnel only need to visit remote sites for required maintenance.

Digi’s Innovation Wall displays 30+ years of solutions and patents.

Trade show booth visitors learn about Digi’s connectivity and automation solutions.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Digi provides the communications routing systems for critical infrastructure, highway construction projects, railway systems, and emergency communications, where it is paramount for data to be sent quickly and reliably. Think of police vehicles and ambulances moving through a city with precision and receiving rapid, accurate updates.

Buses, trains, and light rail, transporting large populations of people safely, while communicating status with dispatchers, monitoring passenger security, providing WiFi access to all onboard, and reporting routing information via GPS. And connected vehicles, where automation will soon transform vehicle and pedestrian safety. The devices at work in these applications include routers, cellular extenders, gateways, sensors, USB-over-IP devices, out-of-band-management consoles, system-on-modules and radios—including cellular and radio frequency devices under one of our best-known brands—Digi XBee®.

Customers at Digi’s annual IoT conference learn how to leverage IoT to transform their business.

CEO Ron Konezny with an array of Digi IoT solutions.

And the connected devices can all be monitored and managed from one secure management interface—Digi Remote Manager®. Since 1985, Digi International Inc. has been devoted to providing devices, components, and software tools that make IoT processes work reliably, securely, and seamlessly, often in the harshest environments, and in critical applications where failure is not an option.

Through innovation and expansion, today our company is rapidly moving into new markets including smart transportation, connected vehicle systems, food safety, and solutions that support compliance in medical and pharmaceutical applications. As we like to say, “Let your imagination run wireless!”

Ron Konezny, President and CEO of Digi, joined the company with a vision—to lead Digi into new realms and untapped markets that are in need of critical solutions. He believes in building on Digi’s excellent talent and key strengths—from the company’s longevity to its strong financial standings, its devoted customer base, and the ability to pivot into high-demand markets.

Since Mr. Konezny joined Digi, the company has performed six strategic acquisitions and has built out a business division focused on solutions for the temperature-sensitive requirements and compliance needs of the supply chain, grocery, food service, and pharmaceutical enterprises. The company is growing and recently had its highest-revenue year in the company’s history. We are proud to have Mr. Konezny at the helm.

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