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Diangelo Law – equipping individuals and businesses with solutions for the advancement of innovation. This day in age, our most valuable assets can no longer be protected by lock and key to a brick and mortar building with a security system. That is because much of the value now comes from intellectual property and data stored electronically.

Today, protecting your company means ensuring the proper contracts are in place with your vendors, employees, contractors, and anyone else that deals with the business. It also means acquiring legal ownership of your intellectual property, setting up your business to successfully bring and defeat legal actions when necessary, and planning ahead to prevent liability. At DiAngelo Law, we provide the modern-day lock and key to protect your assets through high quality, personalized legal representation to small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

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“As a lawyer helping businesses protect their most valuable assets, it was imperative I find a solution for the growing data breach problems and evolving legislation.”

– Erica DiAngelo, Attorney & Entrepreneur

Founding attorney, Erica DiAngelo, is a native to the Tampa Bay area. Over the years, she has watched the area flourish with new businesses and creative minds. Seeing this emergence of startups and entrepreneurs further ignited her passion for helping those who demand progress. In 2015, Erica founded DiAngelo Law, a firm dedicated to the advancement of innovation nationwide and the legal protection of individuals and businesses.
Some of the services DiAngelo Law offers are:
• Trademark Applications
• Business Formation and Starter Packages
• Contract drafting & negotiation
• General Data Protection Regulation consulting
• Contract Disputes
• Business Legal Consulting

Founding attorney, Erica DiAngelo, is a native to the Tampa Bay area.

Because data thieves’ #1 target is small businesses, Response36 is here to protect you.

You can have peace of mind with our Small Business Plan and:

• Prepare to help prevent data breaches affordably.
• React compliantly to data breaches with one phone call to Response36.
• Reduce financial risk with $100,000 (after first $1,000)* of data breach Risk Protection.

The cost of a security breach is always higher than the cost of protection.

Have you evaluated the cost of data breach protection vs. the cost of having a data breach?
Lack of compliant preparation and response can result in:
• $38,000 average cost for a small business to respond to a data breach.
• Governmental fines and penalties and card association assessments.
• $20,000 average cost to a small business for forensic investigation.
• 57% of customers lose trust in the brand. 31% terminate the relationship.

Our affordable plan fits any budget.

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Affordable for your business and simple and easy to implement, Response36’s Small Business Plan is a comprehensive plan delivered through an online platform. Once you enroll, we automatically send you a welcome email, with a link to log in and access your benefits.
Prepare with solutions to help avoid a data breach.
React compliantly and effectively to minimize the negative impacts of a data breach.
Reduce financial risk with $100,000 (after first $1,000)* of data breach Risk Protection.
*FWT Risk Protection benefits are backed by an insurance policy issued by a member company of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) to FWT. Purchasers of the Small Business Plan receive this benefit from FWT and are not insured under the insurance policy. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions, and exclusions of the benefits described. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits for detail.

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