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At DIA we are close and committed to people, we constantly adapt to customers’ demands, we believe in diversity and we innovate with solutions that make life easier for everyone, working proactively to address the main environmental challenges facing the sector.

Our network of more than 565 local stores in Portugal, enables us to be very present in neighborhoods and, through the talent they offer us, discover their reality first-hand. This is where the DIA community begins, a community including employees, franchisees, customers and non-profit organizations. The constant search for formulas to adapt to the needs of customers led the company to innovate and redesign its store concept, by designing and incorporating new formats such as Minipreço Market, Minipreço Family and Minipreço Express. Three concepts with one strong goal in common: provide quality groceries for all the households that choose us, regardless of their location or budget. And this is what sets us apart from all the other companies in our market, offering solutions to consumers for their food and mass market product needs based on a commitment to quality and price that is unique on the market.

And we never stop challenging ourselves. That’s why we are constantly evolving and adapting our stores, listening to our consumers and being closer every day to their needs. Our key priorities for the next years will include the continued development of DIA’s commercial value proposition and the improved assortment with a focus on fresh produce that nowadays has a produce service frequency increased for 450 priority stores to support fresh offer, as we continue the implementation of optimized assortment and light refurbishments in over 380 stores.

Our more than 40 years of history is made of a strong commitment with the communities we proudly serve daily. It´s for them that we strive to innovate daily. We know and take care of the details of the products that make up the DIA brand and establish a transparent and fair relationship with our strategic partners: franchisees and suppliers. The ultimate goal is to create a relationship of trust and mutual support in which we all win: company, partners and customers. We are constantly improving our private brand recipe, creating a new private label offer, as a result of a great deal of market research and innovation, offering our customers top quality products at competitive prices, with value-for money and a more attractive packaging.

This urges us to evolve constantly to adapt to customer and market demands. We are the protagonists of a transformation project that transcends borders. We strive to accelerate DIA’s technological transformation, innovating in solutions that create value for our customers, facilitate the work of our employees and contribute to the evolution of the distribution sector.

We firmly believe in the creation of value through sustainability as the only path to ensure value creation for all our stakeholders and our brand. We are listed in the A list of companies leading on environmental transparency and action according to the Carbon Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization that scores companies and cities leading on environmental performance. The adoption of a proactive listening attitude towards social and environmental challenges enables us to develop key capabilities within the organization, so as to ensure the company’s future competitiveness.

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