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Develop Me is a tech-career accelerator. We exist to empower people to thrive through education. We believe the future of innovation will continue to be through disruptive technologies and collaborative social business models. More importantly, we believe positive change in society will come from people with ideas who are given the skills and knowledge to make things happen.

We identified a key failing in existing tech-education models that led to people being taught out-of-date skills that just weren’t useful in the real world. We work closely with tech employers to ensure our courses are always commercially relevant and continuously updated.

Our core learning programmes are a highly immersive Coding Bootcamp, which helps our students kickstart their careers in tech, and part-time courses in User Experience (UX) Design and Front-End Web Development to upskill, enabling more flexible career advancement.

Since 2014 we have made a significant impact on the tech-skills gap by helping over 500 people accelerate their tech and UX careers—and currently maintain a 98% employment rate from our Coding Bootcamp.

Our courses are developed and delivered by industry experts and are constantly updated to reflect the pace of change in the most progressive and innovative industry of our time.

By setting up one of the first Coding Bootcamps in the UK, we were able to address the commercial-skills gap and lower the barriers to entry for tech careers at the same time. We continue to lead the way in students’ successful outcomes, with our graduates being highly employable and offering essential skills to tech businesses looking to grow.

Develop Me was established with a social mission to ensure we create inclusive opportunities and enable access for everyone in society to participate in the digital economy. Integral to this is the creation of our ‘Opportunity Fund’, which provides corporate partners, sponsors, and individuals a direct way to invest in financial support and training for underrepresented sections of society in the tech industry.

As the UK’s second-largest digital technology hub, Bristol is a great city to be involved in tech. The community here is incredible, with tech events and meetups every night of the week and new businesses setting up or relocating every day. The help and support we received when getting started was amazing and has played a large part in our success and longevity as a business.


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