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Tackling the critical need for early diagnosis and management of diabetes and its complications, a Bengaluru based medical R&D company PathShodh Healthcare is making affordable testing devices that could change the lives of millions of afflicted people.

Dr. Vinay Kumar demonstrates the Multi-Analyte Device: a tablet sized point-of-care product that powers affordable healthcare.

Bio-sensing technologies invented by Dr. Vinay Kumar, (he himself had suffered from diabetes as a child. As an adult, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Nano Science and Engineering from IISC.) form the core of PathShodh Healthcare. The company was co-founded by Dr. Kumar along with Dr. Navakanta Bhat, Professor in the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CENSE) and Gautam Sharma, a semiconductor industry veteran. Incubated at the IISc, the company draws upon innovative research and development conducted in the campus. The team is driven by a social mission, and Dr. Kumar tells Aditya Mendonca, “We want to make affordable healthcare diagnosis available to all”.

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 425 million people have diabetes in the world, with over 72 million cases of diabetes recorded in 2017 in India alone. The problem lies not only in treatment but also in timely detection and monitoring of diabetics. Diabetics typically check their sugar level with glucometers which are are not completely reliable, and this compels them to undergo pathology tests every 90 days. These tests are both expensive and time-consuming. This is why PathShodh’s handheld tablet-sized device, the first of its kind, is being greeted with fervent approval. Their innovation has led them to file eight patents in India, the US and the UK.


PathShodh’s Multi-Analyte Device can measure eight biometric parameters related to blood, urine and more, using just a drop of blood. It is capable of measuring multiple biomarkers and while specifically targeting diabetes, it helps in early detection of complications such as kidney failure, anaemia and liver-related ailments.

The team at PathShodh Healthcare aims to ‘democratise diagnostics’ by downscaling complicated testing equipment.

This unique device can store thousands of test reports which can be transferred via Bluetooth & mobile internet. Thus, it enables better management of chronic diseases by making storage of health statistics and monitoring more convenient for patients and helps doctors offer diagnosis more easily.

The diagnostic device is currently on trial in remote parts of India, and the company intends to deliver this and its other diagnostic products that check glycemic index, blood glucose, kidney function, anaemia and malnutrition to medical institutions, professionals and channel partners around the world over the coming months. Using deep scientific R&D, the innovative team has been working on ways to transfer their research into products that can be served to larger audiences around the world, especially in rural areas.

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