European countries have been facing enormous pressure on their healthcare systems. The recent acute problems were resulting from exponential increases in the number of active COVID-19 cases, but there are several underlying challenges that the healthcare sector has been facing for some time now.

These include the aging population and associated increase of people with chronic health problems, rising healthcare costs, and an acute shortage of medical staff. But some of the challenges also stem from innovation itself: In the current tech landscape, dynamics of both hardware and software is changing. For instance, according to the UK Center for Health Solution report, 48 percent of medical devices are connected through IoT, which is expected to rise to 68 percent in the next five years.

To harness the potential of healthcare technology to transform the health systems and develop a connected healthcare environment, healthcare institutions must be able to streamline and consolidate all this innovation into their processes. Healthcare staff must be able to fulfil their core tasks and be discreetly supported by technology, rather than being actively involved with technology, which only increases the workload. Not obvious since every manufacturer has its own ecosystem, with its own application.

Nurse call systems rarely leave much room for third party integrations and cause a vendor lock-in. As a result, technology integration is quickly turning into a disjointed set of additional systems to monitor, that generate a lot of data that only increases the burden on healthcare staff. And to make things even more complex, everything must also comply with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR EU 2017/745).

Delta Care’s mission is to provide the right innovative support, entirely on a human scale. They have a unique methodology that is based on the care process. This brings together the infrastructure, the processes, and the people. This coherence ultimately determines the success of each implementation. Delta Care integrates a brand-independent alarm server which makes it possible to deploy any available technology. This IQ Messenger alarm server is the only one in the market which is medically certified as class IIb.

Regardless of the sensors, systems or technology used: everything comes together nicely in one clear app, with the right information at the right time. This makes it possible to do even complex integrations without compromise and which fit seamlessly with existing systems and processes.


By means of full chain monitoring and guaranteed reliability of 99.99%, Delta Care achieves safe and reliable medical alarms. They help healthcare organizations to greatly reduce the number of alarms, distribute them, make them more recognizable and mark them with the right priority. This even allows for silent medical alarming, meaning the acoustic signaling of the source device (usually a medical device like a monitor, infusion pump or respirator) is switched off, which allows a quiet environment so that the patient can rest and sleep undisturbed. The alarms will still be visible on the source device and are sent via a monitored link to the alarm server, which in turn delivers them to a device or smartphone of your choice.

Delta Care actively searches the market for technology that also has potential in the healthcare sector. This is how the Smart Sensors were created, that watch over residents of residential care centers at night, providing support to the night nurses who can conduct virtual night rounds and respond in a targeted manner when necessary.

The added value Delta Care offers to their customers is a more efficient operation and more security. Patients who experience a better care experience. Less work pressure and more space for effective care. Less alarm fatigue and targeted interventions instead of walking around in circles. This is possible for every care branch and every type of institution. Even for people who want to live independently at home for longer.


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