Defying Boundaries With Dell Technologies And Alienware

Dell Technologies and Alienware actively encourage students and educators to defy boundaries utilizing gaming and esports. We believe that gaming and esports can provide both entertainment and opportunities for students to thrive in their educational environments. Not only can esports encourage improved mental and physical acuity, but it can also strengthen students’ global and professional competencies; students can gain many skills such as clear communication when making game calls in the heat of the moment, teamwork towards a common goal, and collaboration and organization to pull together an entire stream or live event. We at Dell want to support educational institutions around the world in this innovative method of learning and creating communities for their students. We strive to support educators’ esports efforts with resources around inclusion and diversity, academic research, networking for collaboration, and career pathways.

Girls Who Game (GWG) is an extra-curricular program created by Dell in partnership with Microsoft that provides an opportunity for young girls and underserved students across North America to learn more about gaming and the use of Minecraft as a learning tool, while developing their global competencies, such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The club provides a personalized, safe and supportive community of practice with coaches, mentors, and role models to engage the players and build their self-efficacy and confidence. By the end of the club term, the players have a greater self-awareness of their improved knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and are empowered to become leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM fields) and the growing esports movement across the education landscape. GWG also aims to build capacity with female educators on how to effectively integrate game-based learning into their core content curriculum.

Our Esports Research Collaborative meets monthly and was formed organically from a desire to connect globally with other researchers. This is a group of passionate and dedicated coaches, directors, researchers and medical doctors who not only believe in the power of esports but are also devoting their invaluable research efforts to improve the health, sustainability, and processes associated with esports.

Dell has also created resources such as our K-12 Esports Curriculum for club programs, a Getting Started Checklist for educators in both K-12 and Higher Education, and case studies and customer story videos from many of our educational customers who have seen the benefits of esports programs in their schools. We also host a free summer esports conference, gathering dozens of speakers from around the world talking on subjects such as convincing administration of the benefits of esports programs, diving into research around global college and university esports courses, certificates and degrees, how to ensure that student health and wellness is at the forefront, and how to encourage inclusion and diversity. Dell Technologies also hosts an Esports for Educators Discord server, facilitating a network that both K-12 and Higher Education can utilize to ask questions, share challenges and successes, and even organize games together. Finally, we also have a team of Education Strategists with experience from pre-K to PhD who are well-versed in helping educational institutions achieve their esports aspirations.

Another important aspect of our investment in esports is our more than decade-long partnership with professional esports organization Team Liquid. We’ve partnered with them for both of their Liquid Hacks events, where hundreds of young adults have competed over a weekend to build prototypes for particular challenges (such as the PrideMakers Liquid Hack event honoring Pride Month in June) focusing on health and wellness and innovation in gaming and esports. Team Liquid and Alienware have also launched the Good in Gaming platform with programs for fans and students to grow, learn, and compete. The driver behind this platform is that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a career within gaming and we are committed to helping students explore, experience mentorship, and find a path into the industry.

Dell Technologies and Alienware are proud to support gamers and educators in trying to create a world of gaming where they can be themselves, learn, collaborate, and turn their passions into fulfilling career pathways.

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