"An Internet of Things (IoT) software company connecting people, places, and things."

Eric Simone, CEO and CO-FOUNDER - ClearBlade, Inc.

As a kid in the early 80’s when I was obsessed with my Apple computer, my eyes were opened to the power of software. After an early start at IBM, I became an entrepreneur and moved to San Francisco. While my first company Compete, Inc. (a services company) was a big success, I stood in awe of the early Internet companies like Netscape, which eventually paved the way to even more impressive companies like Google. It left a deep impression on me, and since then I have never forgotten the magic creating software for the Internet. Did I miss an opportunity to create something even more impactful?

Fast forward several years and here I am as the CEO of ClearBlade, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) software company connecting people, places, and things. This will go well beyond the current buzz around the connected home or the automated vehicle. Today, ClearBlade is connecting over half of the major railways in North America, making freight safer and more efficient to move. In our connected products vertical, we are streaming real-time data for Rheem, the largest hot water heater manufacturer in the US making a smarter, more energy-efficient product. These real-world examples of IoT will continue, but inevitably in the coming years, IoT will revolutionize transportation making it safer to travel, transform cities making them healthier to live in, improve products making them easier to use and will automate manufacturing making factories more efficient. And this time, with ClearBlade, we are making a major impact on how it’s going to be done, from here in the heart of Texas.


+1 866.999.EDGE
807 West Avenue
Austin, Tx 78701

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