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Current methods of managing healthcare are unsustainable, with chronic disease treatment alone putting a $4 trillion annual strain on the U.S. economy. Healthcare professionals across the board agree that earlier diagnosis, better preventative care, and improved disease management will significantly reduce those costs while improving the lives of millions of Americans. In a healthcare landscape rapidly moving towards personalized patient care, precision medicine offers a unique solution.

Precision medicine is an analytical model that focuses on solving a patient’s healthcare issues by considering individualized factors such as genomic data, clinical research, and social determinants of health (SDoH). Analysis of these data inputs allows for more targeted treatment plans, drives down the cost of expensive diagnostic testing or trial and error approaches, and helps to identify each patient’s unique disease risk factors.

This kind of precise and predictive healthcare relies on the evaluation of massive amounts of data points, pulled from a wide network of sources. Skillfully executed, the analyzed and organized data produces the kind of actionable insights used by clinicians, pharma, and diagnostic companies to predict risk earlier and improve patient outcomes. Better data, better decisions, better results.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows immense promise to accelerate the impact of precision medicine. However, adopting AI is expensive, requires a specially trained data team, and takes an average of four years to see a meaningful return on investment. With individual AI programs costing an average of $7 million and failure rates as high as 70%, utilizing in-house advanced analytics capabilities is simply not an option for many healthcare organizations.

Enter: Decode Health
Decode is a healthcare AI company that unlocks discovery with data. With over a decade of experience leveraging machine learning tools to synthesize mammoth datasets, Decode is reshaping healthcare data innovation. Decode’s scalable approach has made the company a trusted partner to accelerate precision medicine and quickly drive speed to results and value. Today, the company partners with and orchestrates an ecosystem of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and technology companies to create a mutually beneficial network of healthcare data assets, products and services. Decode believes in the power of data and collaboration to revolutionize the healthcare industry and promote health equity. The company is not just looking to the future of healthcare – Decode is driving it.

Making the Complex, Simple
Decode Health has developed the comprehensive AI tools and technical infrastructure needed to transform data into meaningful results, saving costs and increasing the likelihood for successful data initiatives. Decode’s framework provides a wide-angle lens to tackle medical issues. Layering combinations of genomic, clinical and SDoH data points, Decode has built an integrated framework to predict and understand patient outcomes and translate the risk factors that lead to these outcomes into a story that can be understood and acted upon. Decode’s framework can determine how a patient population might respond to a new drug, or the genomic, clinical or SDoH factors that lead to better or worse chronic and acute disease outcomes. Decode’s capacity to ingest large amounts of data and generate actionable, predictive insights translates to real-time impact. For instance, during the COVID pandemic, Decode applied its framework to predict infection outcomes and identify barriers to testing and treatment, allowing health officials to launch location-specific campaigns and mitigate virus spread.

As Decode engages with its ecosystem partners to solve disease risk data challenges, the company’s framework is applied to existing or new information that Decode creates such as RNA genomics data or two-way patient survey results. The accumulating raw and derivative data results helps facilitate the discovery of products and services that fuel early disease detection, effective monitoring and further the field of predictive and preventative treatment.

For data to be most valuable, it must be well organized and continuously evolve. Decode’s approach cuts through the complexity with a scalable, repeatable process:

  • Define the disease challenge
  • Develop data assets and analytics to understand and predict a specific disease outcome
  • Reveal novel biomarker, clinical, and SDoH disease risk factors associated with the outcome
  • Repeat the process, either with a first win for the challenge at hand or as a springboard to tackle a new problem

Chase Spurlock, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO

The Power of Data in Action
The speed and scalability of Decode’s work allows its ecosystem partners to reduce the time and costs associated with discovery initiatives and sustaining AI/machine learning operations. Decode forges long-term relationships that continuously build upon themselves, increasing value and benefits exponentially across the entire partner ecosystem.

Take, for example, Decode’s collaboration with Quest Diagnostics. Using the Define, Develop, Reveal, Repeat model, Decode and Quest have integrated nationwide patient recruitment, next generation sequencing and advanced analytics for biomarker discovery. The clinical and RNA biomarker data produced will fuel the creation of new diagnostic tests and therapeutics in autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, metabolic disorders and additional clinical disease areas. This is significant because clinical trials that include effective biomarkers are 3-5X more successful. “The team at Decode has spent the last decade creating and refining its technology to identify core patterns in data,” says Chase Spurlock, PhD, Decode Health’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Decode’s approach separates signal from noise, enabling us to rapidly solve disease challenges that fuel insights to predict and improve health outcomes.”

Join the Ecosystem
Decode’s ecosystem of partners is expanding, and its work continues to drive the healthcare industry toward the future of precision medicine. Whether Decode is leveraging population health analytics to uncover risk factors that predict treatment outcomes or identifying new biomarkers to enhance the efficiency of diagnostic test development, Decode’s unique approach is changing the way complex medical problems are solved.

Adds Spurlock: “We are eager to extend this approach to new applications and disease areas, growing not only Decode’s capabilities with every problem solved, but amassing a collaborative network of partners, tools and resources that transcend the continuum of patient care.”

Join in Decode’s effort to improve patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and enhance health equity through the delivery of precise and predictive healthcare.

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