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Headquartered in Atlanta, DataSeers is an award-winning AIpowered compliance company offering comprehensive solutions for financial institutions. DataSeers provides a range of services, including Behavior-Based Monitoring, EDD Flows, Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Prevention and Detection, Case Management, FinCEN Direct E-Filings, 314a and 314b Handling, Sanctions Screening, PEP Adverse Media Screening, Real-time Monitoring, and KYC/KYB Onboarding — all within a single integrated platform.

As a FinTech, DataSeers offers products across the financial services industry within BSA/AML compliance, Customer Compliance, Fraud, Risk Management, Financial Reconciliation, and Analytics sector. Their focus is to ensure both the company and its customers remain safe from regulations, while analyzing customer data to enhance security.

Gracie: Gracie Ortiz serves as the Chief Operating Officer at DataSeers, where she leverages over 25 years of diverse professional experience. Her journey began in software engineering at PricewaterhouseCoopers, followed by significant roles in medical startups focusing on oncology and molecular biology. A serendipitous foray into FinTech, prompted by her fluency in Spanish and self-directed legal studies, marked a pivotal turn in her career.

At DataSeers, Gracie has been instrumental in scaling the company’s operations and efficiencies. Joining as the twelfth employee, she has played a crucial role in expanding the team to 100 employees across three offices. Under her operational leadership, DataSeers has flourished into a profitable entity without external funding.

Gracie’s profound knowledge across multiple verticals, combined with a passion for legal and regulatory issues, makes her a versatile leader. Despite humorously claiming to be a “jack of all trades and master of almost nothing,” her track record clearly demonstrates her mastery in driving corporate growth and operational excellence.

Adwait Joshi, CEO

Adwait: Adwait Joshi, serving as the Chief Executive Officer at DataSeers, achieved remarkable milestones during his tenure. Joshi successfully doubled the company’s revenue and employee count, setting ambitious plans for the upcoming year. Reflecting on the journey, Joshi remarked, ‘Since the inception of the company, our vision was to reach a team of 100 employees, and I’m thrilled to announce that we have achieved this milestone. Recognizing that success in the business world is a marathon and not a sprint, Joshi emphasized the importance of laying a solid foundation for future growth. ‘Looking back at 2023, I am proud of the strong foundation we have built, which serves as a springboard for our future endeavors. Our goal is to continue growing and eventually pursue an IPO.’ Under Joshi’s leadership, DataSeers now operates from three offices, two of which are located in India.

DataSeers’ various products cleanse data, automate reconciliation for ledgering/sub-ledgering, and streamline data workflows, increasing operational efficiencies across finance, compliance, fraud, risk, customer support, and marketing departments. Leveraging enterprise software, users can monitor transactions globally.

Their flagship product, FinanSeer®, is an AI-based SaaS solution designed to clean, homogenize, and automate data workflows. From onboarding to suspicious activity monitoring to regulatory filings, organizations can find all their solutions in one place with FinanSeer®.

DataSeers leverages advanced AI and machine learning engines to enhance fraud detection capabilities, enabling real-time and predictive analytics to identify potential fraud before it occurs. Their continuously updated compliance solutions offer tools that automate compliance reporting and monitoring. Additionally, their reconciliation system automates matching processes, reducing errors and discrepancies, thereby improving operational efficiency, financial accuracy, and funds recovery.

Founded in 2017, DataSeers’ mission is to help banks and fintech institutions unleash their data potential across the entire data pipeline. They provide a complete solution to transform structured and unstructured data into a single-pointed distributed file system. DataSeers is a privately held company servicing banks, credit unions, and fintech in the payments industry. Their clients range in revenue size from several hundred million to fifty billion. Most clients leverage DataSeers for data cleansing, homogenizing, automated reconciliation for ledgering/ sub-ledgering, and various other services tailored to individual needs.

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