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Dataperformers is an applied Artificial intelligence (AI) company composed of a diversified professional team. Dataperformers’ client portfolio includes sectors such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and finance. Since 2019, Dataperformers is an official prequalified band 3 AI provider for the Government of Canada.


Mehdi Merai Ph. D. (c), Dataperformers CEO, is passionate about the democratization of AI. In 2017, he was designated AI Leader by Digital Finance Canada. In 2013, he co-founded Dataperformers with Amine Ben Ayed, M.Sc. a graduate in International Business, who leads the company’s development overseas as Chief Operating Officer.


Ali Elawad B. Eng. in mechanical engineering, who worked extensively on designing space systems such as the cube satellite and, Gabriel De Lisi M.Sc., in Acturial science with an extensive experience in financial engineering and big data, joined the team as partners. They hold the positions of Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, respectively.


In partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, Dataperformers conducts research nested at the intersection of AI and aerospace. Together, they have developed AI models that can predict the flight dynamics of helicopters and airplanes to facilitate their certification path.

AI Operationalization
In 2020, Dataperformers officially launches its latest product, MACULA AI. An integrated solution to automatically detect and identify defects on products leaving manufacturing lines. MACULA AI also allows the easy operation of advanced computer vision systems.

International Outreach
Dataperformers’ first international appearance occurred in 2017 with their first mandate being a Californian company producing greenhouse controllers. Thereafter, the company focused highly on the Asian market where it signed major contracts with Japanese and Taiwanese companies.

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