Datafiniti-Mission To Democratize And Improve Data Inflows Into Companies Of All Sizes





Datafiniti’s mission is to democratize and improve data inflows into companies of all sizes. By centralizing the ETL process and paying particular attention to the “transform” stage, Datafiniti can both deliver data and maximize its potential value. Our team starts by collecting and structuring data from around the web, no easy feat in itself. Then we move on to merging and cleaning it through multiple processes. What starts out as an already arduous task – getting the data – we have productized, and the end result – getting useful data – we have greatly improved.


At Datafiniti we have a workplace culture that is built around honesty, hunger, humility, and happiness. These simple words, when combined with our product vision, help us to empower companies everywhere while preparing for the growing needs of tomorrow’s market. A clear example of this is explained by our customer Redify, “Put it this way; I sleep well at night. What you did for us in three months, other companies could not do in eighteen months.” …and… “Whenever I send an email to your team, you respond right away. We communicate on almost a daily basis to keep it moving along, that has been a big selling point not only for me but my team members.”

What Datafiniti wants to do next is more of the same, but even better. In the spirit of this, and our grand vision, we’re removing the barriers-to-entry to our products. We just released a new pricing tier that is accessible to even the smallest businesses with subscriptions starting below $100 in addition to our freemium service. We are now more accessible, more empowering and more indispensable to organizations of all sizes. Our next major milestone will be the re-design of our web portal; with both user-experience and functionality in mind, our data will be better implemented by our customers than ever before. In the past, experienced developers and programmers could create precise queries that would get them the exact data they needed. While non-developers can easily query our database today with a point-and-click interface, we know we can do better for them. In the very near future, all our customers will get high-quality data within seconds of signing up to our service with a simple, yet elegant, user interface.

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