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DARVIS empowers companies with ultimate visibility of objects, processes and efficient solutions. This productivity as a service platform uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to track objects and processes with the highest precision and privacy standards on the market.

Using an existing camera infrastructure, DARVIS converts images captured into real time data that is stored on a custom dashboard.

This provides unique insights into areas of interest – enabling companies to automate, document and predict efficient flows of staff, equipment and processes.

DARVIS Autopilot for Nurses and Staff offers a variety of features aimed at maximizing efficiency, easing staff workload and boosting patient safety in the healthcare space.

DARVIS Inventory Autopilot helps operational leaders in warehousing and retail spaces who need enhanced visibility and productivity in their facilities.

DARVIS Shield is a threat mitigation solution providing weapons detection and enhanced security features to companies in all industries.

DARVIS solutions are helping companies have ultimate visibility into their operations.

In 2015, DARVIS (Data Analytics Real World Visual Intelligent System) was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. Originally called Hashplay, the technology company offered virtual reality and live streaming services.

In 2017, DARVIS shifted focus to computer vision and AI. DARVIS created a technology solution to help fuel the companies of the future in healthcare, logistics, retail and other industries by giving them ultimate visibility into processes and inefficiencies.

In 2020, DARVIS launched their ‘Productivity as a Service’ platform to recognize, track and predict visual objects and processes autonomously using AI.

In 2021, DARVIS moved from Silicon Valley to Nashville, TN where they opened a new HQ office and Innovation Lab.

DARVIS has found a great home in Nashville’s thriving community and are thrilled to be part of the city’s growing technology ecosystem.

Everything from the flexible, work from home policy to the dog friendly office space creates an environment of innovation, where fun and hard work go hand in hand. The DARVIS team is collaborative, creative, diverse and technology obsessed.

They are a global company with staff and management spanning over seven countries; The United States, Germany, Pakistan, the UK, Turkey, Greece, and Poland.

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