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Serving Silicon Slopes and the entire Wasatch Front since 2017

Serving Silicon Slopes and the entire Wasatch Front since 2017, Dapper & Dash has become a staple at Utah’s most successful businesses and growing each year, now with thousands of customers looking forward to each visit at their place of work.

Dapper & Dash makes it easier than ever before for men and women to get a haircut, trim, wash, style, wax and more with their high-end busses as well as permanent in-office salons and barbershops. Convenience at the front door of any business is good for employees and employers. Employees love marking off to-do list items in the free minutes they have at the workplace and employers love bringing great perks that keep their employees close

Founders Kara and Jeff Fuhriman have worked the corporate schedule for a long time, so they understand the value of bringing convenience to the office. Kara is also a seasoned stylists, barber and salon owner. Jeff roots from the thriving Utah tech scene and has built Dapper & Dash on exclusive tech that makes it a truly innovative business founded on convenience, quality, and customer experience. He’s been passionate about using technology to create amazing customer experiences since he first started working in tech over a decade ago.

Dapper & Dash busses are ‘’smart”; enabled with Wi-Fi and self-running systems that allow each bus to operate effectively in all conditions – no matter what. The busses are self-contained, meaning they don’t require access to any facilities. And, they are environmentally efficient: bringing the salon and barbershop to corporate locations reduces emissions as it saves everyone who uses the service the car drive to and from the salon or barbershop.

Dapper & Dash has been thinking about the future of the salon and barbershop for a long time now. Its exciting that technology now enables a come-to-customer experience that hasn’t been available before. We live in an Uber and Amazon economy – we expect services where we are. The future of the salon and barbershop is right at our front door when we want it, and Dapper & Dash is perfecting that process. For that, Dapper & Dash continues to grow its service footprint and is considered one of the most innovative businesses in Silicon Slopes.

Dapper & Dash

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