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A born and raised Vancouverite, I earned my degree in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University, followed by a CPA. I worked full-time as a Controller for a coffee chain in British Columbia, but always had a greater interest in taking a bigger stake in my hometown. That’s when I saw a growing need to connect locals, share untold stories, and celebrate the community. In 2008, Vancity Buzz was born.

What started out as a passion project has grown into one of the largest digital media publications in Canada, expanding from coast to coast. In the past five years, we’ve diversified by adding a full-service agency that offers website development, videography, and graphic design called Hive Labs. We also founded the ID Agency, an influencer management firm that pairs micro-influencers with brand partners. In 2018, Daily Hive was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

I consider Daily Hive both an innovator and an innovator enabler. Innovation plays an integral component in our business. The reason we’re an innovator is that we are constantly looking at new ways to diversify and grow the business. For example, we introduced ‘Dished’, which reports on food trends, restaurants, and leaders in the city, as well as ‘Grow’, which reports on cannabis-related news. We’ve also placed a larger emphasis on video, and are continually finding new platforms to reach and give our readers what they want. Listening plays a big part in what we do.

We’re also an innovator enabler because our company is literally built to amplify those who are pushing the boundaries, whether in business or in our communities. We want to give those a voice to reach a larger audience and have their message heard. I feel that this is what sets our company apart from other media companies because we have the agility and flexibility to adapt to the needs of our readers at a moment’s notice. We also aren’t afraid to try new things and introduce new formats.

Whether it’s IG stories, new types of videos, or offering free services to companies struggling due to the effects of Covid, we’re always open to pushing the boundaries and getting out of our comfort zone. Moving forward, I’m really excited about our expansion into new cities, particularly in the U.S. It’s been on the horizon for years, so now that it’s coming into fruition, it’s incredibly gratifying to see it take shape.

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