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Family-Operated and Woman-owned, D-Mar is Built for Innovation




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Each and every day offers an opportunity to build something new, the chance to seek new solutions, and provides the foundation to innovate. At D-Mar, we believe that every challenge we face can be overcome. Regardless of the requirements or their complexity, every project we take on comes with an inherent obligation to look at the unique elements and find a way to meet the needs of clients and do so in a way no one else could.

As a commercial general contracting firm, D-Mar General Contracting and Development offers an array of services spanning the full spectrum of general contracting, construction management, design-build, HVAC, and mechanical applications. Yet, our greatest service is to lead innovation in our work, in our industry, and in our communities.

We see our work as not simply the details that make up a commercial kitchen or public parking structure. We look beyond the steel and stone that make up our world and see an opportunity to lead through thinking differently and acting accordingly. Innovation is not just in the big wins and noteworthy successes. For D-Mar, it is in a unique approach to everyday challenges.


For nearly 40 years, D-Mar General Contracting & Development has provided superior construction services and continues to dominate the industry today. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built on ingenuity, expertise, value, and focus on the community. Throughout the United States, we have partnered with a variety of industries to help make their visions into realities, including quick-service restaurants, healthcare, education, entertainment, and airline catering, to name a few.

D-Mar’s ability to add value comes from more than its list of clients and the successful projects that come with it. D-Mar’s success stems from a very simple principle and that is the belief that a community will not grow unless we are patrons of that community.


Helping to serve those who serve others is our passion at D-Mar and we are grateful for our clients and the communities we have been able to touch. Our mission is simple: we help communities flourish by offering uncommon solutions to complex challenges. Our values are cemented in enhancing our communities and creating long-lasting relationships beyond physical labor.

D-Mar General Contracting & Development is family operated and female-owned. In a male-dominated industry, we are tough and bring a fresh perspective. We bring our life values to work and aim to help our local communities thrive while creating relationships that last. We lead, we build and we are built to serve.

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