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We Help Innovators Attract and Retain Talent
Your company’s most valuable assets are your employees. D.G. McDermott Associates creates and implements innovative HR and compensation strategies to ensure you retain the right talent – those employees who bring the skills, creativity and passion to help your company thrive.

Empowering Organizations to Succeed through People
“Our mission at D.G. McDermott Associates is to help innovators succeed through their people,” says founder and CEO Donald G. McDermott. “When an employee leaves your company, it costs you quite a bit to replace them. In fact, it can cost more than double the annual salary to replace a highly trained and compensated individual on your team. Our aim is to help you build employee engagement and retention by putting the right structure, culture, processes, and policies in place.”

Helping Innovators Focus on Results
McDermott Associates offers compensation consulting services which enable innovators to succeed through their people.

Our services include:
• Executive assessments & coaching
• Compensation plan designs
• Executive compensation
• Employee incentives
• Sales compensation
• Board of directors’ remuneration
• Succession planning
• Performance management programs
• Organizational design
• Custom compensation surveys
• Job analysis

Aligning compensation with business strategy
We help innovators establish a compensation philosophy and build compensation plans aligned with business strategy and performance. We start by listening to you. What are your strengths and goals as innovators? What challenges do you face? What successes have you had? Then we work with you to answer these questions for your organization:

• What factors do we need to consider to establish
compensation programs and levels to support
our business goals, objectives, and strategy?
• Is pay aligned with the market?
• Are performance metrics and incentives driving
the right business results?
• Do job descriptions reflect what people are
actually doing in their jobs?

We also guide you in analyzing and structuring organizational design, culture, executive development,  performance management, succession planning and recruiting.

Staying ahead of compensation trends
With issues such as pay parity and transparency at the forefront, McDermott Associates knows innovation leaders need up-to-date compensation data and insights so they can compensate their people fairly and competitively. This is key to attracting and retaining top talent. We conduct annual compensation surveys across several industries to provide data on base salary, shortand long-term incentives and total compensation. Moreover, the firm is often retained to provide customized surveys when actionable data and insights are required by leaders in new or growing markets.

A recognized compensation authority
Don McDermott founded his New Jersey-based HR consulting firm in 1985, after an extensive career as a human resources executive. He understands the stresses leaders face in attracting and retaining the talent they need to move their companies forward. He has particular expertise in developing strategic business and operational plans, and aligning innovative compensation and human resource programs to meet company objectives.

Don McDermott founded McDermott Associates in 1985 with the goal of helping leaders attract and retain talent.

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