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Cybage is a global professional services organization that designs and provides services in product engineering, consulting, and operations. Our scientifically-driven, data-oriented, and delivery-focused approach enables us to spot unmet needs. We empower our customers to build concrete breakthrough products and services making them more innovative and agile.

Serving in a variety of sectors from Technology-Enabled Businesses, Media & Advertisement, Travel & Hospitality, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare & Life Sciences, to Online Retail across the globe. Cybage’s Center-of-Excellences concise the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, BI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Enterprise mobility, E-commerce, CRM, and ECM. These break-through technologies are the ignitors for sector specific futuristic solutions.

The US business market looks markedly different today than it did a decade ago. It has been reshaped by dramatic events like the internet bubble and the evolution of the Silicon geography. In the decade ahead, the next wave of innovation continues to accelerate this pace of change. More broadly, the day-to-day nature of work revolves around stimulating creativity by developing new ideas for products and services.

There’s a misconception that revolutionary ideas about products or services are always created by imagining the unimaginable. But innovation isn’t swinging for the fences, it’s about creating the right swing.

While there has been a swing of tech hubs being touted as the “next Silicon Valley”, home to giants like Adobe, eBay, and many more; there lies an accelerated growth area known as Silicon Slopes—bustling with top brands, and countless startups—”Utah, the second-fastest growing technology hub in the US”.

This blooming tech hub continues to look for help in managing the ever-increasing growth. Back in 1999, Greg Wiggins partnered with Cybage to address a similar growth. Within seven years, Cybage helped grow the software company to $350 million in revenue and earn a spot in the Fortune 500 with a billion-dollar acquisition.

Seeing the high demand for outside talent in Utah, Greg Wiggins saw potential in Cybage to bridge this demand and supply gap. He introduced Cybage to Greg Butterfield, Utah’s Technology Hall of Fame inductee, who led the billion-dollar acquisition.

By being at the forefront of emerging technologies, Cybage has helped dozens of other Utah businesses build innovative solutions that are not only affordable but also scalable. Further, Cybage started providing enterprise solutions to businesses in need to drive their internal operations and accelerate their overall growth.

Greg Butterfield a renowned software industry veteran, started his journey in a Utah software startup in 1985. In his stellar experience of 30 plus years, Greg has worked with seven major companies, all of which have had multi-milliondollar assets. Greg has invested in about 30 different technology companies. He has been the driving force behind 15 acquisitions and has successfully completed two IPOs as CEO.

A critical asset in making this happen is Cybage’s innovation framework based on its three-pronged value proposition.

Execution Excellence focuses on consistent, world-class deliveries, underpinned using the Cybage’s own prescriptive analytics platform to address all key areas of its operations.

Software at the Center states its belief that software is at the heart of business problem-solving.

Engage the Future portrays the Cybage logic that interprets technological change to create meaningful value for its clients

With this philosophy, it’s not surprising that Cybage has a longstanding list of clients across the United States. It is also known for increasing the metabolism of an organization by bringing in the scale and agility that is required to deliver without quality loss. Driven by its strong fundamental data-driven processes, focusing on becoming an extension of the customer’s company through collaboration and not just being a technology vendor.

Furthermore, Cybage is constantly working on new technologies and in new directions to help better support the growth of the IT industry globally by handing out services as per the growth needs.


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