We at CTRL have a mission and vision for the future we want to create with everyone. We believe that robots of all shapes and sizes will be key to the physical automation revolution in every part of our society.

CTRL Robotics was founded by three people determined to develop their part of the future. Nikhil Ranchod, Taahir Bhaiyat and Steve Pinto met while working together on a project in automation and immediately saw the potential for a simple, powerful platform that can control all layers of physical automation.

We believed that with the exponential amount of robots the world would soon rely on, there needed to be a way to connect and control them. The future will be better because machines will help humanity grow faster, sooner.

Why are we the best at what we do? We aren’t, but also no one is and that’s what it means to constantly iterate your product. What we are is determined to chase the top and be the best in the market. In order to do that we pay close attention to the needs of our users, and with time develop products that people love.

The future is exciting and we are committed to building the best product we can. We want our customers to design their automations with the simplest most powerful tool available, consistently.

In our first project we developed an end to end management platform for the Hotel Sky group. We were the first to bring automation and service robotics to the African continent and received wide coverage in global media. We’ve been featured in global publications with Hotel Sky. Notably World Economic forum and through the Reuters network and local South African media.

If I could sum up our vision into the shortest version:

We want to create the most powerful tool to control all different types of robots for specific tasks in the same environment.

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