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Our mission at Centre technologique des résidus industriels (CTRI) is to promote socio-economic development by providing support to companies in the mining, forest and agricultural sectors. Through exploring, identifying and achieving innovative solutions for the valorization of industrial waste and underutilized natural resources, we aim to accelerate the implementation of eco-friendly and profitable business practices.

With our multidisciplinary team of experts, modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver over $3 million in applied research services to Quebec businesses every year. In addition to pilot and mini pilot mineral processing plants, our centre boasts five laboratories that meet our partners’ various needs with respect to (1) biomass, bioenergy and bioproducts, (2) applied ecology and bioremediation, (3) contaminated effluents and process water, (4) industrial minerals, and (5) mineral processing.

Our work mainly focuses on industrial decontamination and the valorization of residual materials and underutilized resources in the interests of a circular economy. Our facilities are designed for industrial waste physicochemical characterization, advanced materials development and industrial process optimization. Whether in the mining, forest or agricultural sectors, we give partner companies a head start by offering them applied research and innovation services. We assist entrepreneurs from concept to solution design to implementation while keeping a close eye on technological advances through technology intelligence, allowing our partners to maintain a clear competitive edge.

Our expertise can make all the difference as we recover industrial waste without obstructing the normal course of business. For each problem, we achieve an innovative, efficient and eco-friendly solution, working in collaboration with academic and private research centres to provide clients with the very best R & D services.

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