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Cteau – The Water Technology Centre has been devoting all its efforts to this issue since 2008. It is the only technology transfer centre dedicated to water technologies and ecological water management. With its multidisciplinary team of microbiologists, chemists, engineers (water, civil, process and mechanical) and test and analytical chemistry technicians, it addresses all aspects of water treatment for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater as well as for industrial processes.

Among the average eighty projects it carries out annually, pilot tests and scale-ups have undoubtedly become its trademark specialties, which many of its clients value. Equipment manufacturers and industrialists as well as organizations in the public and parapublic sectors rely on Cteau to develop and optimize new processes or technologies that have great potential for better water management. By working in close collaboration with its clients, the Water Technology Centre can achieve optimal technological solutions, from the laboratory scale to real-world application. It also provides support in obtaining the necessary certifications to market new water treatment technologies.

As this CCTT is affiliated with Cégep de SaintLaurent, it can count on teachers in the water technology, bioecology and science programs to contribute to its projects, and students can supplement their training with internships that will help them move into employment.

The Centre also works with other CCTTs and universities on projects related to the circular economy, water reuse and the challenges posed by contaminants of emerging concern such as microplastics and PFAS. Adaptation to climate change has prompted Cteau to launch the PluviaTM initiative, which brings together stormwater experts to promote the development of solutions for optimal stormwater management practices. The Centre strives to help reduce the damage caused by floods and overflows.

Over the next few years, Cteau’s new facility will provide a unique Canadian experimental centre for testing new approaches developed by Pluvia collaborators.

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