CrystalTech Nano-Nano Applications For Everything From Smartphone Screen Protection To All-Natural Fabric Protectors And Anti-Fog Coatings




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Pursuing big ideas in Nano concepts, taking them to market and owning the category, has been the passion of Montrealers Steven Zeitz and Lee Goren, who pioneered consumer-friendly Nano applications for everything from smartphone screen protection to all-natural fabric protectors and anti-fog coatings.

The entrepreneurs brought their flagship Crystaltech Nano Liquid Screen Protector to North America in 2015-2016, the innovation of their Nano phone screen coating technology wowing the crowds at CES, the world’s biggest Consumer Electronic Shows held annually in Las Vegas

These revolutionary Nano consumer products are born of science: extracting silicon dioxide from sand and combining it with water or ethanol turning pure
glass into a liquid to be sprayed on everything from Phones and Fabrics to Baby items and Vehicles. Crystaltech Nano’s Sio2 Liquid Glass forms a clear, flexible coating roughly 500 times thinner than a human hair, applied to surfaces for an anti-microbial, scratch-resistant, water-repellent and easy-to-clean barrier lasting up to a year.

Headquartered in the heart of Montreal’s Fashion District, Crystaltech Nano – with offices and production facilities in Canada, the United States, U.K., China and Germany – sells at retail, online and via Amazon, shipping ready-to-use protective coatings worldwide and conquering this huge global growth category one smartphone, one pair of goggles and one windshield at a time.

Transforming a complex model into a simple million-dollar idea, Goren and Zeitz made a great product better to secure its industry’s pole position. With teams of chemical architects, the duo perfected the formula, adding properties, changing quantity, developing European – and soon North American – smartphone insurance programs for their Nano screen protector. Crystaltech’s European made products outperform and outpace industry challengers, fortifying its market dominance.

Consumers don’t fret about microns, tolerances and water molecules, but appreciate Wipe-On Wipe-Off applications; no expiration dates; validated antibacterial, 9H hardness and water-repellent effects; peace of mind viewing photos of loved ones on expensive screens; windshield treatments that scoff at torrential rains, or when they spill coffee on expensive fabrics.

North America’s Nano kings continue to innovate and steward the line’s explosive, exponential growth and full gamut of category-leading products. With OEM supply agreements for leading brands, as well as product under the Crystaltech Nano label, Zeitz and Goren have brought Nano protection to millions of global consumers, broadening daily their reach and penetration with industrial and commercial applications for everything from anti-slip products for senior-care facilities to anti-graffiti remedies for walls and monuments.

All-natural with no harmful chemicals, the formula is food- and medical-safe, already used in hospitals in the U.K. and Europe, as well as meat-processing factories in Germany. They are also rolling out novel clarity-boosting optical products, protecting sunglasses and prescription glasses from chips, scratches and corrosion, as well as anti-fog applications for glasses, ski and safety goggles and visors.

The fully vertical company leverages proprietary formulas, economies of scale, exclusivity of supply and geographic reach, driving more than a dozen products through the Nano pipeline, fast and flexibly for distributors and retailers thanks to ownership and control of the entire supply chain.

THE FUTURE IS NANO and Crystaltech is the leader.

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