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Foundations For A Trusted Digital World

Crypto4A is a cybersecurity company developing quantum ready cybersecurity foundations for a trusted digital world. Since 2017, the company has worked on developing innovative technology that addresses the cybersecurity challenges of today while preparing for the future. Crypto4A wants to provide companies with solutions to secure themselves in a growing digital world.

Bringing Together Cybersecurity Experts
Crypto4A was created by Ottawa cybersecurity veterans Bruno Couillard, Jean-Pierre Fiset, Brad Ritchie, and Jim Goodman. They met while working on the design of the first and second generation of Hardware Security Modules (HSM), an appliance that underpins the security of today’s internet.

Through their careers they maintained a friendship, working together at different points. Crypto4A formed from many hours of brainstorming on the current and future state of cybersecurity in a hyper connected world, and in 2017 Crypto4A began development with four founders and two employees.

The QxEDGETM: Reimagining the HSM as a Platform

Crypto4A’s flagship product, The QxEDGETM, is an innovative hyper converged cybersecurity platform based on the idea of an HSM as a platform. At the heart of the QxEDGETM is Crypto4A’s next generation Quantum Assured Security Module (QASM) which delivers cryptographic agility and adaptability while ensuring quantum computing readiness. The QxEDGETM has been developed to be simple, scalable, and sustainable.


Quantum Ready

Quantum computers will have the ability to factor prime numbers, breaking the cryptography today’s digital world is built on. Although it is unknown when quantum computing will be advanced enough to do this, it is predicted to be in the next decade.

Cybersecurity is a major investment and Crypto4A is determined to keep quantum advances from disrupting client’s commitment to long term cybersecurity solutions. The QxEDGETM is built to handle changes to cryptographic standards over the next decade as new quantum safe encryption standards are ratified, allowing companies to plan for the long-term.


The Root of QAOSTM: Entropy for Stronger Cryptography

In June 2019 Crypto4A released their first product, the Root of QAOSTM, built on the QxEDGETM Platform. The Root of QAOSTM is an entropy generation appliance that produces large quantities of high-quality entropy in a timely fashion. It ensures clients get maximum performance from their infrastructure and devices while also ensuring strong cryptographic keys for all of an organization’s cyber security requirements.

Mentoring the Next Generation of Innovation

Crypto4A works with local universities to provide co-op opportunities for students interested in the cybersecurity industry. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry in the next ten years is a lack of talent to fill jobs. Current solutions are complex and require specialized people to manage them- which is why Crypto4A prioritizes solutions that are simple to implement and maintain.

Securing the Future

Today Crypto4A is a 28-person strong team working out of offices in Ottawa and Gatineau. They aim to be a leader in solutions that address the challenges facing the cybersecurity industry, like a talent shortage and quantum computing. With their sights set on finding cybersecurity solutions that are innovative and quantum ready, Crypto4A is dedicated to imagining cybersecurity that’s as vibrant as our digital world.


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