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CROOW is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is designed to help organizations unify teams, automate processes, and deliver profitable work. CROOW was founded in 2019 by CEO David Capece while he was leading INC 5000 award winning digital agency Sparxoo. At that time, Sparxoo had a strong culture, innovative services, and standard processes – but something was missing. David realized that he needed a tool that would help him manage the environment he had created.


Like countless others in the service industry, he searched for a software that would help him better run his agency. What he found were fragmented platforms that made it impossible to proactively manage client deliverables and ensure profitability. Having discovered a market need, David set out to integrate project management, creative collaboration, and predictive analytics to help others manage their business and create a game changer for organizational growth.

Founder & CEO

CROOW is designed to be the next generation of software that enables companies to break through barriers and accelerate growth. It is more than a project management platform. It is a performance management platform that includes everything you need to manage a creative or services organization. CROOW is built on five critical philosophies that will help any firm Unite & Conquer.


Unite. Great organizations are the ones that are aligned, collaborate, and operate as a single team.


Create. Service design rooted in effective client collaboration can separate your company from competitors and set it on a path for exponential growth.


Operate. Companies must optimize resources and workflow to consistently deliver excellence to their clients so they return and provide referrals.


Automate. Processes, systems and technology should be implemented and automated to improve efficiencies and quality consistency.


Accelerate. The never-ending game of execution, measurement, and adjustment requires business intelligence, forward looking strategy and sprints of progress to leap through gates of growth.


CROOW’s software platform has been incubated through agencies, marketing organizations, and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Beyond the platform’s best-in-breed project management features, CROOW really shines with advanced collaboration and business intelligence designed for the creative class. It helps leaders predict upcoming work, optimize resources, and make smart decisions faster. Approaching its second birthday, CROOW has already been named one of the 50 most innovative companies in Tampa Bay. CROOW is a high upside startup poised to sail into the national spotlight.

CROOW is built to help teams reach their full potential. Ready to Unite & Conquer? Join the CROOW.

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