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The metal transformation industry holds a leading role in Quebec’s economy. Enterprises need to establish a clear edge and constantly innovate to overcome the numerous labour force, productivity, energy, and environmental footprint challenges they are faced with. Hence, it is on these grounds that the Metal Transformation and Innovation Consortium (CRITM) launched its activities in 2014. CRITM is a non-profit organisation. Part of the nine sectoral clusters of industrial research (Regroupements sectoriels de recherche industriel – RSRI) accredited and funded by the Government of Quebec, CRITM has close to 400 regular and affiliate members today.


CRITM’s mission is to drive innovation to support the growth of metal transformation enterprises. It is aimed at all the businesses working in any one of the stages of metal transformation: Extraction and Concentration, Primary production, Secondary and Third transformation, Finished products, and the Recycling of various metals as well. Steel, aluminium, or the other metals listed as critical and strategic minerals (CSM) by the Government of Quebec (nickel, titanium, magnesium, copper, zinc, rare earth elements or others) must be the focal points of projects. Other nonmetallic substances may also be considered if they are essential to metallurgical processes or identified as CSMs.



CRITM offers a wide array of funding opportunities fully aligned with the needs of enterprises, research centres, and academic institutions. It provides strategic support and funding for the achievement of research projects conducted jointly with enterprises and public research centres in four different lines of research: Transformation process development, Advanced metal product design, Environmental footprint reduction, and Digital innovation. In 2022, CRITM enabled to set in motion over 60 projects, with investments totalling over $70 million, $20 million of which were direct contributions stemming from CRITM.


CRITM has become an essential resource in promoting innovation in metal transformation and the CSM sector.

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