Creatives Meet Business (CMB)





Creatives Meet Business (CMB) is an award-winning community resource that empowers artists and creatives to harness their inner entrepreneur and create meaningful and impactful networks. At CMB, we believe that the most important aspect of empowering our community is connection with fellow event attendees and community members and with knowledge and professional development opportunities.



Creatives Meet Business (CMB), was first developed as an event series featuring small group, round-table events that connected creatives from different backgrounds to learn from each other and from industry experts on a wide variety of different topics. These events have covered topics like Taxes and Accounting, Goal Planning, Social Media, and Brand Storytelling, among others. The event series has grown to include unique events that feature individualized mentorships, as well as a guided consulting service that helps creatives create a new revenue stream for themselves by teaching them how to deliver and produce their own workshops.

The Creatives Meet Business Podcast was launched in 2016 to share insights from the roundtable events with a domestic and international audience. Each episode is between 15 and 25 minutes and is filled to the brim with insights from industry experts. Podcast episodes are free to download and are available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, as well as many other podcasting platforms.




In 2017, Creatives Meet Business (CMB) expanded beyond its initial event offerings and produced its first conference, the Creatives Meet Business Experience (CMBXP). CMBXP helps bridge the gap between “creative” and “business” by providing much-needed tools, resources, and relationships. The conference focuses on workshops in order to provide hands-on and real-time solutions for attendees and is modeled toward adult learners at all ages and experience levels. The programming at CMBXP is centered around workshops that cater to all of the hats that entrepreneurs and small business owners wear across its four programming tracks – Business, Marketing, Skills Development, and Storytelling. To further the value of connectivity and community, one-on-one mentorships are offered and attendees forge stronger connections through nightly themed happy hours. All aspects of the event are designed and structured to make meeting new people as easy as it was at summer camp.


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