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Since 1984, Cégep de Jonquière’s Centre de production automatisée (CPA) has been working closely with approximately 200 organizations each year, both locally and internationally. Our mission has expanded with the creation of our Centre en technologies des énergies renouvelables et du rendement énergétique (Centre TERRE) through the NSERC.

Working together with various organizations in the manufacturing, agri-food, aluminum smelting and mining sectors as well as foundations, remote sites, NPOs and government agencies, we focus our efforts on finding applied solutions to our partners’ challenges and approach problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Analysis and sector integration (solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy), including storage systems and energy efficiency, can help balance supply and demand to ensure energy security. Our expertise covers instrumentation, communication, programming, automation, human–machine interaction, archiving and information networking, for intelligent facility and process management. For example, our CCTT has collaborated on projects such as heat recovery in milk pasteurization and the automation of numerous farms. Assisting the sector in digital transformation and sustainable energy transition is becoming increasingly important.

Audits and the implementation of digital plans with the employees of companies contribute to this transition to 4.0: their participation fosters optimal technical and economic performance, as can attest our development, testing and characterization of a hybrid hydro photovoltaic water heater. Whether it be through technical assistance with technology transfer, new products stemming from R & D, customized training for highly qualified personnel or public outreach, our partners benefit both themselves and the client communities they serve. With our real-world project experience, we bring our expertise to our unique training centre into nine areas of physics technology for a solution oriented team!.

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