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A beautiful, welcoming place to grow your business

Covo is a beautiful, welcoming place to grow your business, complete with a diverse and inclusive community of incredible entrepreneurs who are propelling St. Louis forward. Our space is wrapped around Trust, a craft cocktail bar in our gorgeous, historic gem of a building. Enjoy Covo from $2/ hr for drop-in to $400/month for a fully furnished private office.

Covo is, at its heart, a beautiful coworking space that is leveling the playing field for ALL entrepreneurs. With a focus on supporting women and minorities (while also making sure no one feels out of place) Covo is warm, accessible, and inclusive.

As a female- and minority-founded company, our CEO Rebecca encounters both gender discrimination and white privilege benefits on a daily basis. She has carefully studied and written about the problems with patriarchy for all involved, and the benefits of diversity and inclusion to the bottom line. Rebecca has set out to help craft not only a fairer but also a more diverse, viable, successful world, starting with Covo. Covo actively seeks individuals and teams from all industries, ages, colors, origins, genders, lifestyles, and walks of life. Covo stands for Collective Voice, and we believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and equally valued.

In connecting with local Hispanic, Black, and Asian regional Chambers of Commerce, the STL Mosaic Project, Brazen’s network, Arch Grants, EQ, Tech Artista and the rest of the local coworking community, the Covo team found a Downtown STL community with values that resonate with their own.

“It’s a goal of ours to provide space for people who haven’t previously had access. For whatever reason. It allows people who may not have ever been exposed to coworking the opportunity to learn more and, hopefully, join and contribute to the community at some level. Inside these four walls, the playing field is flat. Everyone contributes and there isn’t a hierarchy based on privilege. It’s how the world should be. And we use it as a platform to push these values outside of our walls as well,” says Rebecca.

That moment of choosing where to establish Covo’s second-ever coworking space, was not just an act of faith—betting on the innovation community in St. Louis — but also an act of restoration—a moment of taking up the mantle of history, to restore a sense of provenance and renew a sense of purpose to the historic Mississippi Valley Trust Company building.

Rebecca’s history in coworking since 2009, and being an early leader of the industry has allowed her to obsessively immerse in the warm embrace of the industry, touring over 500 spaces around the world, learning, sharing, and speaking at conferences, and always looking for the next thing, the next amenity, the next hot piece of modular furniture. The entire Covo team is devoted to the community, each other, and making continual improvements to push the boundaries of coworking and shared workspace.

Visit stl.hellocovo.com/covoday to book your very own free day with lots of goodies ($35 value), and experience Covo for yourself.


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