> COVID-19 Universal PCR Test Kit

Providing a Superior Test Kit That Offers Accurate Results, Vendor Neutrality, and Patient Comfort to Healthcare Professionals Around the World

COVID-19 Universal PCR Testing Supplies Kit

We are passionate about improving the lives of patients and helping our healthcare partners thrive. Our laboratory is utilized by healthcare professionals to detect, evaluate, monitor, and treat diseases and other medical conditions, no matter the patient’s medical history, age, or situation.

During our current pandemic, we have reprioritized our focus to help governments, local communities, and healthcare providers with COVID-19 Testing Kits.

We have created a COVID-19 Universal Test Kit that could work with any manufacturer’s PCR instrumentation. Our goal is to provide a superior test kit that offers accurate results, vendor neutrality, and patient comfort to healthcare professionals around the world.

  • Meets All Regulatory Standards – the kits are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet CDC requirements.
  • Includes Everything You Need – 2 Puritan Sterile Cotton-Tip Applicators, Proprietary Buffer Reagents, and a Universal
    Transport Vial with a quick seal.
  • Vendor Neutrality – our buffer reagents work with EVERY PCR machine for RNA extraction (requires validation on the first shipment only).
  • Superior Collection Method – we designed our collection protocols to provide patient comfort and accurate samples.
    * There are two swabs for throat and nasal collection. This method ensures that a better sample occurs.
    * The collection device extracts the samples from both swabs. Tips do not have to be snapped and left in the buffer
  • No Cooling Supplies required for shipping – the buffer reagents do not require cooling supplies for transport.
  • Made in the U.S.A.– designed, manufactured, and shipped from Colorado.
  • Certification
    *  CLIA – 06D2172306
    *  CAP – 8647258
  • Warranty
    * 3 Year Product Guarantee/Shelf Life – Warrior Diagnostics will replace any product damaged during shipping or fails to operate as expected at no extra cost.
  • Pricing:
    * MSRP Price – $15.70
  • Payment Terms:
    * 50% on order, 50% in escrow.
    * The balance is due on delivery.
    * Customer agrees to accepts and pay on partials – We will ship test kits nightly
    or weekly as per your request.
  • Shipping –Price includes Federal Express Ground Delivery anywhere in the U.S.
    * Size of boxes – 20” x 20” x 20”
    * Reagents and swabs always ship in separate boxes.
    * Swabs – 200 kits per box, each kit has a nasal and throat swab. 24 lbs. per box
    * Reagents in Universal Transport Vial – large bags of 500 each. Two bags per box. 30 lbs. per box
    * Shipping materials for 25,000 COVID-19 test kits
    ▪ Swabs – 125 boxes – 3,000 lbs.
    ▪ Reagents in Universal Transport Vial – 25 boxes – 750 lbs.
  • Competition – None
    When looking at the combination of universal buffer reagents, collection swabs, universal transport vial with a quick seal, and the lack of cooling supplies required, we feel we have no competition.


Closest Competitor:

Specimen Collection Instructions

Place vial standing up on a flat surface. Peel open bag containing swab and remove swab. Unscrew vial cap prior to collection.

Insert one swab into nasal cavity about 2”. Rotate swab 2 or 3 times, then hold in place for 5 seconds to absorb sample.

For throat collection, position yourself in front of the mirror, or in front of the person swabbing you. Tilt your head back slightly, open mouth wide to expose tonsils and back of throat. Rub the swab over the highlighted areas back and forth while avoiding touching the tongue or roof of the mouth.

Pick up vial and hold steady in one hand. Slowly twist swab into vial with a corkscrew motion. There will be resistance but push swab all the way to the bottom of tube.

Hold vial steady and move swab up and down rapidly inside the tube 10-15 times without moving the swab out of the liquid.

At this point remove and discard the swab. Hold vial firmly and remove swab by slowly twisting out with a corkscrew motion.


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