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Helps increase schools’ efficiency, compliance, and retention

CourseKey’s attendance platform revolutionizes how postsecondary institutions handle attendance. By leveraging the devices students bring to class, the platform digitizes the attendance process, significantly shortening the time instructors spend taking roll and providing school registrars with attendance data in real-time. The solution helps increase schools’ efficiency, compliance, and retention.

Frustrated by the lack of technological innovation in college classrooms, a group of university students dreamed of giving instructors the ability to leverage students’ phones, laptops, and tablets as a way to make class more engaging and exciting.

Through months of hard work and more Jack in the Box tacos than you can count, dreams became reality and CourseKey officially launched in January 2016. Today, CourseKey specializes in automating attendance and is used on over 90 campuses across the country with over 2 million student check-ins registered on the CourseKey platform.

Through their attendance solution, CourseKey is removing many of the problems that accompany paper-based attendance tracking, including wasting class time to check students in, tedious and time consuming manual data entry by instructors, and delayed availability of attendance data to registrars. By digitizing the process, students can check in simultaneously in mere seconds, instructors are relieved of any manual data entry, and attendance data is available to registrars in real-time, empowering them to begin outreach to at-risk students immediately.

CourseKey has won a handful of awards, including being named one of San Diego’s 30 cool companies by San Diego Venture Group for the third time in 2019. CourseKey has also been awarded patents for their GPS and sound attendance tracking methods.

CourseKey’s values define how they work together as a team and with their partner institutions.

  • We believe in being radically transparent, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • We practice thoughtful and respectful disagreement, always putting our honest thoughts on the table.
  • We evolve through reflection, acknowledging that progress is born from both success and pain.
  • We embrace optimism, come to work every single day excited about what we’re building, and view every challenge as a mountain waiting to be summited.
  • We practice and repeat good habits, always in pursuit of growing from beginners to experts.

CourseKey raised its Series A funding in 2019, giving the company the resources to scale up operations and continue helping institutions across the country increase their efficiency, compliance, and retention through automated and digital attendance.


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