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Our 40+ years entrepreneurial journey has its humble beginning in Philadelphia’s working-class neighborhoods. Fueled by the optimism of being a first-generation Italian immigrant, it was always important to advance our family and community. Half a century later, the vision and commitment remain.

Cosmo DeNicola Companies is a privately held company with a diverse portfolio of Global businesses ranging from Healthcare, Technology, Publishing, Professional Football, and Hollywood Talent Management. We’re always looking at the big picture and how we can grow our footprint while impacting every industry, person, and market we serve.

At our core, we are highly competitive and people-oriented, as evidenced by our team members who have been with us for over 3 decades. We want to win, have fun and help while continually inventing, innovating and reinvesting in all our companies and their respective industries.

We focus heavily on Innovation, Technology and Professional Development in all areas of our portfolio companies by promoting bold changes and transformational mindsets. In our manufacturing ERP systems, we create smart factories driving Digital Transformations with Cloud-based computing, sophisticated performance analytics, Digital Workflows and the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Our systems improve our clients’ performance while they assist community development, create jobs and build opportunities on Main Street USA.

In healthcare, our businesses focus on innovating patient care and improving outcomes. We do this by enabling mobility in 1 out of every 3 hospitals in the United States, by delivering on the promise of electronic medical records and enhancing bedside care.

Cosmo DeNicola Companies’ digital health applications have aided people with COPD to avoid exacerbations and hospital readmissions, while helping them to breathe easier. Our telemedicine technology has brought World Class Medical experts to rural communities, giving everyone equal access to care. Next up taking remote healthcare to all communities in need.

Our Publishing/Entertainment companies, Chicken Soup for the Soul, share inspiring stores that create hope in people’s lives and do so in a positive manner. We reach people through our books (over 500,000,000 books sold), television shows and social media (APlus). Our innovations in these areas focus on creating educational programs to reach communities, schools, and young people, focusing on anti-bullying and the humane treatment of animals.

In talent management, our business focus is on the professional development of actors and professional football players. Our NFL Sports Agency has a unique, innovative approach created by our CEO Super-Agent, Leigh Steinberg. Leigh’s approach incorporates a look back to give back to an athlete’s school, community and college enthusiastically embracing the responsibility of being a Role Model.

“I love to drive change and disrupt established ways of doing things and thinking. I’m a champion of the emerging Digital World and see it as a path to equality in the distribution and access of all the worlds resources.”

- Cosmo De Nicola

On the Hollywood side, we manage the careers of actors guiding them through their personal and professional decisions, directions and goals. We provide the vehicle for the achievement of their dreams.

The most satisfying project has been the launching of Cosmo Cares, under the leadership of Morgan DeNicola, Program Manager. Cosmo Cares is where our passions inspire us to do good while recognizing those who are equally committed. Those passions include World Health, Humanitarian Recognition and Cultural Diplomacy. These passions have led to projects in Africa, China, Puerto Rico and the United States. We work closely with many partners in the implementation and success of our programs including The United Nations, The Humpty Dumpty Institute, American Thoracic Association, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. A recent project has been the donation of a mobile medical can to the Amitofo Care Center, an orphanage in Lesotho, Africa. In addition to providing healthcare services to the children, it will also provide access to healthcare to remote villages.

Vision creates innovation, capital provides the fuel to develop products, broader offerings and ensures long-term sustainability to our business and family goals.

Our family plan is to live local, but to make a global impact. Our continual reinvestment will ensure sustainability for generations to come. #PhillyProud

“CDC is more about US than me… More about what we’re impacting than what we’ve done.. More about depth and breadth than any single accomplishment… A long lasting business, personal and family legacy…”

- Cosmo De Nicola

Cosmo DeNicola – Biography

Cosmo DeNicola is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded 7 businesses, acquired 10 companies, took a business public, and sold three to Global Public Entities.

His Sports industry entrepreneurial pursuits include leadership roles in Professional Football, which includes his team’s competitive success with 2 Arena Bowl World Championships, 5 Conference Titles and 7 Division Championships. Cosmo has been inducted into the City All Stars Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

His business accomplishments have been recognized by his high school Hall of Fame Committee. His commitment to his Family Businesses has recently seen him acknowledged as Ernst & Young’s (EY’s) Philadelphia Region 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Cosmo serves as a board member of the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), a prestigious New York-based nonprofit organization that works in tandem with the United Nations to implement Humanitarian Projects. In 2012, Cosmo delivered the commencement speech at his Alma Mater, Temple University.

Cosmo DeNicola Companies

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