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Envisions, creates and flawlessly delivers immersive brand environments

Every company has a message. Cornerstone Technologies is the company others turn to when they need individuals to see their message. Touch their message. Interact with their message in a meaningful way.

In other words, Cornerstone envisions, creates and flawlessly delivers immersive brand environments and transformative attendee experiences. We pride ourselves on the ability to get it done. To do it right. To make sure our customers win.

In 1994, partners Todd Mortensen and Chad Fraughton founded Cornerstone expressly to manage the logistics of helping WordPerfect maintain a high-profile presence at trade shows and technology expos.

Today, Cornerstone routinely produces massive corporate events running concurrently across multiple venues, and featuring such diverse elements as general session keynotes, first-hand company tours, breakout sessions, company showcases, popup sales environments, concerts with A-list headliners, and more.

Fraughton notes a couple of factors integral to Cornerstone’s success. First is what he calls the “hybrid” nature of the company. As one would expect, its employees are a collection of world-class A/V gearheads. They can go deep inside the worlds of audio, visual and lighting technology. However, the company is equally driven by the pursuit of creativity. It is able to step back and consider the unique and perhaps unintended ways technology can be used to showcase its clients (and their messages) in unique and memorable ways. Hybrid.

The second factor is the company’s relentless quest for excellence in customer satisfaction – determining needs and exceeding expectations. In the early days, that meant investing in an inventory of lighting gear to expanding its client offerings. Twentyfive years later, it means bringing on-line a state-of-the-art video and communications production truck that features the highest tech capabilities, while helping save time and alleviate the complexity of load-ins and loudouts. The common thread from then to now is this: we define our clients’ needs and activate them in real life.

To more efficiently accomplish these activations, Cornerstone has spawned a number of sister companies designed to fill specific niches within the space: a team of architectural and interior design professionals specializing in product launches, retail environments and parties / galas; a talent acquisition arm to acquire and manage headline performers and keynote speakers; a scenery fabrication firm to create set pieces that are on-brand and on-message.

Creative vision and flawless execution are paramount to what we do at Cornerstone. If you can dream it, we can produce it.


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