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When we introduced CorelDRAW in 1989, we knew we had something special on our hands. With the first graphics software for the Windows platform, our team changed the way people express and share ideas.

Amazing graphics software put us on the map as one of the original trailblazers in Ottawa’s tech scene. Today, we’re a global company offering one of the broadest software portfolios in the industry.

With a commitment to innovation, excellence, and a constant drive to do better, we’re leveraging the latest tech, including artificial intelligence (AI), to offer best-of-breed applications that challenge the status quo.

Although our business now operates around the world, we’re proud to have maintained our strong presence in the nation’s capital where the original Corel team started it all.

Across our impressive collection of industry-leading brands, including CorelDRAW, Painter, MindManager, Parallels, ClearSlide, and WinZip, there’s a shared truth that unites them all. Whether our users are creating persuasive designs, running Windows on a Mac, or using our software to visualize and take control of their projects and data, millions of people around the world choose our products because we help them do great work faster.

From individual freelancers to entire corporate teams, connected knowledge workers rely on our constant innovation because it empowers them to achieve their goals. This focus is reflected in everything we do, and on every platform we develop for, whether it’s Windows, macOS, web, or mobile.


Leveraging the latest in software design, we’re using the power of AI to boost productivity and achieve results that may have been previously virtually impossible.

In the world of design, CorelDRAW, Painter, and PaintShop Pro offer tools that intelligently respond to users’ needs to deliver beautiful, eye-catching, and unprecedented results.

While in the B2B space, ClearSlide is ushering in a new era of sales enablement by delivering insights and empowering meaningful conversations in exciting new ways.

Artwork created in Corel Painter by Michelle Webb

Make no mistake. This isn’t AI for AI’s sake. We’re leveraging AI where it can make the biggest impact, remove barriers, and deliver the biggest returns. As we look to our next generation of applications, AI will continue to spur exciting new opportunities for innovation.

A unique Ottawa success story, our company has grown significantly over the last few years, adding a number of industry leading products and companies to our portfolio. And along the way, we’ve solidified our reputation for creating, acquiring, and nurturing amazing software brands.

With this momentum behind us, we see more exciting opportunities to grow both organically and through M&A, thanks to the support of KKR, one of the world’s top global investment firms, who acquired Corel in the summer of 2019.

Artwork created in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

From graphics and productivity to sales enablement and project management, we’re working to harness the power of AI and the latest tech to reshape how today’s workers collaborate, communicate, and connect. More than three decades since Corel first made its mark on the technology scene,this unwavering focus on innovation and outstanding customer value is as central to our DNA today as it was on day one.

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